What is the best state of sexual life?

Touch is accomplished by touch sense, so some scholars think that the skin is the most widely sexy system, once touch females cheeks, chest, arm or thigh can produce sexual excitement. So let’s go deeper for this topic.

Use your hand to touch, knead or squeeze the breast nipple, this will have a special pleasure. Breast is similar with male penis. The nipple will have an erection by your rubbing or sucking stimulation. The vulva is the core of sexual stimulation, especially the clitoris, sexual excitement is particularly strong once the touch stimulation. If double stimulation on these two main sexy points, it can make women feel the greatest satisfaction outside of sexual intercourse.

According to the view that the central organ of the sexual system is the skin, especially with the mucosa, it is widely distributed. No orgasm or it is hard reach climax woman, you can search your sensitive area. Naked in bed, touch and friction of the body, experience caused by sexual pleasure, can find the most sensitive parts, and do the practice during the sexual life repeatedly.

What is the best state of sexual life?

When does a woman have an unforgettable love? Is the honeymoon duration sex, or on the travel road sex? Every woman may have a different experience. In general, a good feeling of sex love is mostly due to the following factors:

1, when they have a strong desire

They have a strong desire, with good mood and very relaxed, with these conditions, it is the easiest to get most pleasure. For example, one of the respondents experience: “the best one is when we back from a friend after a little drink, he carried me home and it is already more than five points in the morning, and my little brother was sleeping in the room. I want him to wash his face and then went back, but he hugged me and said,” I want to have a sex “At that time, we were afraid to wake up my brother in the room needing keep voice lower, but we also reached orgasm. That feeling great!”

2, when the other party performs well

The other side is good, very considerate and good skills. One of the respondents said: “the best sexual experience is with my fourth boyfriend, he is a photographer, who is very romantic, gentle, cool appearance. There will always be some unexpected surprises with him. Having sex with him is a very beautiful experience, he will always find a comfortable place, play music, drink a little wine, the most important is he will pay attention to my feeling, also sex he will not directly fall asleep, he will put a pool of warm water and bath together, all these will be in my memory all my lifetime.”

3, when the two emotional blend

Two people affection blend, romantic foreplay, mutual understanding, feel deeply cherish each other. This usually occurs between the romantic lovers, but there are slow with some special examples, such as a participant’s experience: “so far, the best sex I feel is with a foreign man, at that time I have been divorced for two years, and he may see what I need. In his hotel, at night, he poured a cup of beer to me, and we chat on the sofa. After each has a good feeling, he kissed my ears, my cheek, and hug me tight, that moment I feel really beautiful. With my positive response, he took me to bed after the bath. He is very tall, but I am very petite, but he is very loving, he taught me slowly to touch, step by step to lead me to enter orgasm.”

4, in some special day

The ritual and celebration day, special day, after being apart a long time. One respondents said: “one of the best sex is for a long time before meet him last time. When we met in a restaurant, it seems to be the desire blazing fire in my body, and he is also strong response. When he is entering, the body cannot help trembling with friction. This is the best time that there were two or three times orgasm.”

5, adventure or stimulated atmosphere

When the atmosphere of excitement and adventure. For example, affair to deceive the public, afraid of being found, also often create intense pleasure: “one of the best in foreign fields, while driving, have a great sense of sex.” “One of the best is in MTV, with an American, he began to touch my body, I did not refuse, also have a reaction, we need each other warmly, correspond with each other with common climax.”

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