What is physiological phimosis?

What is physiological phimosis? Almost every boy is phimosis after born, but if it is not phimosis, it may be suffering from other diseases, such as may be hypospadias or urethral cracking. The vast majority of children who suffering with physiological phimosis, almost have no abnormal feeling, if there is abnormal feeling, it may be due to abnormal symptoms caused by physiological phimosis, and this situation need to see a doctor.

From the beginning of 3-4 years, the foreskin began to expand, and the foreskin hardcover can be exposed. After puberty (17 years old), phimosis children are less than 1%. In general, the 90% physiological phimosis can heal after 3-5 years old.

The most typical foreskin dirty causes foreskin glans inflammation

Although the physiological phimosis in the small boy is very common, and most can self-healing, but because the foreskin cannot turn over, the glans cannot be exposed, so it brings some problems. For example, the child foreskin cannot turn over, the glans and foreskin exfoliated epithelial cells and sebaceous glands secretions cannot be discharged, and stay between the foreskin and glans.

Some parents take the child to see a doctor mistakenly thinking that there is induration on the glans of the penis, and even think it is a tumor. In fact, this is the foreskin of the retention, this situation will bring some problems, such as secondary infection, redness and swelling, purulent secretions.

Phimosis can not only cause inflammation, but also cause what symptoms?

What is physiological phimosis?Many parents refer to their children when they say that every time a child is urinating, the head of the penis gives birth to a vesicle. This is because the foreskin stenosis, through the urethral orifice cannot be directly discharged, first flow into the bursa between the foreskin and the glans, and then discharged. This will lead to fine urine and voiding problems.

If more induration can be found on the child’s foreskin from the outside, which means there are already much dirty there, and this suggests that there may be infection problem, and parents should draw attention. Another should pay attention to the child’s foreskin color when take a bath for the child, if it is often red and swollen, it may be infected, should go to the hospital to see a doctor.

After 17 years of age, the foreskin is still too long. Do you need special treatment?

It depends on the size of the foreskin, generally speaking, as long as it is in good cleanness condition, you do not need special treatment. But after adulthood, if the foreskin is particularly long, then there is a narrow ring after pull foreskin back, so it needs to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

What is the principle of physiological phimosis treatment?

Need to have good communication with parents, and then the cultural background and values of different, such as the ratio of physiological phimosis surgery much more in western countries. In short, pathological phimosis is necessary to surgery, but physiological phimosis requires parents and doctors to communicate after the decision.

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