What is going on when the penis appears dry skin?

What is going on when the penis appears dry skin? The penis appears dry peel phenomenon may be wrapping glans phlogistic, inflammation of the glans mucosa called balanitis.

This disease can be caused by various pathogens, local stimulation and other factors. Balanitis refers to inflammation of the glans penis and prepuce. A lipid material cavity endocrine normal foreskin, the prepuce or phimosis, such substances can be up to stimulate wrapping and wrapping dirties the glans of the penis by wrapping the glans penis inflammation. Drug allergy caused by the foreskin inflammation turtle is a kind of delayed type allergy, which is common clinically, generally in 24 ~ 72 hours after onset.

When you are suffering this problem, below are some measures you can do:

(1) Notice local sanitation, daily clean glans and wrapping. If wrapping is too long, you need timely to timely clean smegma treatment. When necessary for circumcision, please don’t be fear.

(2) It is necessary to suspend sex when one party of the couple had to organ disease, and timely treatment is required.

(3) avoid feculent sexual intercourse.

(4) such as the formation of ulcer or erosion in dressing, dressing 2 times once a day, avoid the discomfort stimulation.

(5) in order to avoid cause more serious infection, the use of corticosteroid ointment for acute balanitis is required.

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