What happened during the several seconds man ejaculation time?

What happened during the several seconds man ejaculation time? Penile erectile angle is about 20 –40 degree with the horizontal level, which is almost the same cleverly coincides with the vagina direction.

It is a series of instantaneous short body reaction during the process of ejaculation. The penis can detect the vagina inside temperature, penis and vagina wall friction, vagina wrapping pressure, and vaginal lubrication liquid amount etc.. So the penis can deliver more blood to strengthen the degree of stimulation of sensory nerves. When during the sexual intercourse, the nerve stimulation between the sex organs and the central nervous system are reflected around, and also continue to strengthen, all stimuli are included in this system.

At the crucial moment when stimulated nerves suddenly pass quickly into both sides of sexual intercourse ejaculation orgasm. When ejaculation, urethral automatically closed, which can prevent the urine flow out. At this time, the prostate, seminal vesicle, testicular secretions, mix with together.

Pelvic muscle man sharp contraction, the male is more deeply in the vagina. And also unconsciously be lazy, causes the body to move forward. At this time, a man almost unconscious. An inner thrust to about 1/4 ounces (Imperial unit of weight is 1 pounds of 1/16) of the semen into the vagina, about 6 of the array, 10 seconds will be accomplished all the tasks.

In the 1/4 ounces of semen, about hundreds of millions of sperm. In theory, the population of one person can do 500 times the total population of the earth’s father. In fact, in the 288 sex, pregnancy can only be once.

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