What does prostatitis eat?

1, apple

Experts suggest that male friends suffered from prostatitis should eat more apples in the daily life. The latest study found that in daily life often eat apples can effectively prevent the occurrence of prostatitis, in addition apple also has good curative effect to prostate hyperplasia and hypertrophy. The majority of men with chronic prostatitis had significantly lower levels of zinc in their prostate fluid than in normal subjects, and it was difficult to improve zinc levels in later treatments. Only after the complete cure of prostatitis, the zinc content can be gradually restored.

What does prostatitis eat?

In the past treatment process, many doctors will recommend patients to take zinc containing drugs, but the recent discovery of the use of this method is not suitable for long-term usage, and the dose of zinc drugs is not easy to grasp. Therefore, experts suggest that patients in daily life, it is best to achieve the role of zinc supplementation by eating apple, this method is not without any side effects, but also more conducive to the absorption and utilization of the human body, better than medicine.

2, zinc containing food

Suffer from prostatitis male friends should eat some meat in daily life, all kinds of meat food not only has a diuretic effect, but also has enhanced resistance and improve the efficacy of good zinc content. Such as pork, chicken, duck, white carp, black carp, silver fish, yellow croaker, perch, meat in the zinc content of these are very rich. In addition, you can also eat chicken, shellfish and other foods, these foods contain a lot of selenium.

In order to add zinc, in addition eat more meat, patients usually can also eat oysters, oysters can be said is the highest amount of zinc in all foods, in addition to oysters, mutton etc..

3, diuretic food

What to eat can cure prostatitis on patients? The answer is that eating some food with a diuretic effect in peacetime should also be the main common food, such as rice, millet, corn, sorghum, corn residue, flour, red bean, mung bean, the highest in the summer to eat food, not only can diuresis at the same time also has the very good effect of heatstroke.

In addition also can eat some soy foods, such as beans, soybeans, black beans, in these soy products contain a lot of isoflavones, also has very good curative effect in the treatment of prostatitis.

4, mung bean

Many male friends often suffer from prostatitis appear unwell symptom, like frequent micturition, urgency, urination and pain in normal life, which are plagued by men. For these cases, experts pointed out that by eating mung bean to effectively alleviate, in everyday life can be boiled mung bean porridge, until cool after edible, have very good effects on urination and pain.

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