What are the symptoms of impotence problem?

hot-girl-0009The pressure of modern life is more and more for men, and the incidence rate of patients with impotence is increasing gradually, which is now the very headache for men. Impotence seriously affect the health of male mental health.

Men need to do early understanding of some symptoms of impotence, so as to achieve timely treatment to do as soon as possible, furthermore also better recovery. What are the symptoms of impotence in the early stage?

The first symptoms of impotence:

The young people are not fully emotion exchange with partners or sexual behavior is not unified, anxiety and impatience may appear together with impotence.

The second symptoms of impotence:

The penis cannot erect completely or erect not firm, so cannot complete the normal sexual life.

The third symptoms of impotence:

Although the impotence occurred frequently, the penis erection can be maintained for a period of time in the early morning or during masturbation. This situation is mostly caused by psychological factors.

The fourth symptoms of impotence:

Impotence persist and advances, mostly caused by organic disease.

The fifth symptoms of impotence:

Occasionally happen impotent, but it is completely normal in next sexual life. This situation may be caused by a nervous or overworked, so you do not fall sick.

The early impotent symptom for organic impotence:

The organic impotence is a common type of impotence disease, it means that in any case the penis cannot erect. In addition, it will be accompanied by the symptoms of the corresponding organic disease, such as hypertension, diabetes etc.. Here I would like to remind male friends that in daily life must pay attention to the prevention of impotence, as the impotence disease is closed related to too much canalize, such as too much masturbation. As with weakness, malnutrition or physical and mental fatigue, should appropriately increase nutrition or pay attention to work and rest, and sexual abstinence. In the adjustment, to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, appropriate physical exercise, the couple temporarily separate beds and mutual caring, which have the role of adjuvant therapy.

The early symptoms of spirit impotence:

The spirit impotence in men is more common, and the disease incidence is more acute, the penis has spontaneous erections, during the nocturnal sleep or wake up early in the morning, and Masturbation or pornography can have erect, but not be able to erect when want to have sex intercourse. The penis can be hard erection when just contact the female body, but will suddenly be soft when the attempt to insert flaccidity. In addition, accompanied by mental symptoms, such as anxiety, anxiety, depression, lack of energy, some may be associated with premature ejaculation or sexual intercourse without ejaculation.

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