What are the side effects of long-term taking oral contraceptives?

There are many women to take contraceptive methods to achieve the purpose of contraception in life, and even more people are eating the drugs all year round. Although this can basically be successful contraception every time, but long time taking will cause some harm, and that specifically what will be the main adverse side effects? Pop healthy living network will list of all for you here.

1, increased vaginal discharge. Often occurs in taking the long-acting contraceptives, and this does not need to treat generally. You can put 1 piece of traditional medicine in the vagina during the night.

What are the side effects of long-term taking oral contraceptives?

2, vaginal bleeding occasionally. Often happen after the leakage of contraceptive pills, in general, as long as to continue to take medication in time, bleeding can be stopped, menstruation will be normal. Of course, you can also ask the doctor to adjust drugs, but also can be changed to take other contraceptives.

3, menstruation less or even amenorrhea. This situation has no impact on the health of the body, and is often temporary. If consecutive 3 months of amenorrhea, it should suspend medication, take other contraceptive measures, such as menstruation recovered before continuing medication. After discontinuation of the drug within a month still do not come menstruation, you should ask doctor according to the inspection, the use of megestrol acetate, compound progesterone or push the piece wait for medicaments to urge classics, then should use other contraceptives.

What are the side effects of long-term taking oral contraceptives?

4, weight gain too fast. If there is edema, you should be adapted to the use of diuretics and low salt food; if the weight is significantly increased, it should stop and use other contraceptive methods.

5, the face has brown spots. After stopping the medicine this phenomenon will gradually disappear, if taking vitamin B, vitamin C, the effect is better.

6, breast distending pain. Generally the dosage can be reduced, if serious consideration should be taken to stop the drug and then to use of other contraceptive measures.

In short, there will be great harm to the body by long-term oral contraceptives taking, serious when can cause infertility, so pop healthy living network to reminder that do not rely on this kind of contraceptive method, the taking number should control at once a year, also can try to use contraceptive ring etc. .

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