What are the misunderstanding of marital contraception?

Contraception is very important, which is something that men and women will experience, especially the couple who are not ready to have baby. But in around us can often found unplanned pregnant for the couples who usually do the contraceptive measures, which let many couples feel very strange. In fact, they appeared some mistakes in terms of contraception. Today we’ll talk about the misunderstanding between husband and wife of contraception?

Misunderstanding 1, the natural contraceptive method is very safe

Truth: “computational security period” and “injection outside” are often called as the natural contraception, it sounds good, but in fact, the effect is not flattery. As we all known that the oviposit date of the female is affected by many factors, and unlike the clock as accurate, while men often has sperm into the female’s vagina before ejaculation movement began, so the pregnant opportunity is increased mostly. This method can be safe? So it is highly suggested to give up this method.

What are the misunderstanding of marital contraception?

Misunderstanding 2, once in a while will be not big problem

Truth: sometimes fate is so unfair, some people tried to have a baby may not be able to get one, but some people once without contraception will get pregnant, so never holds any luck, healthy sperm and eggs in the right time and the right place once met means a new life to be born, and if non normal pregnancy will lead to very dangerous ectopic pregnancy.

Misunderstanding 3, menstrual period is a safe period

Truth: many people thought that women in the menstrual cycle will not be pregnant, this is not right. In the menstrual period due to the uterus in vasospasm, hematoma formation period, endometrial tissue into necrosis, stripping off the state, therefore the sexual activity will easily lead to the occurrence of secondary infection, bleeding, so it is highly recommended to avoid sexual intercourse.

Misunderstanding 4, condoms are a gap between husband and wife

Truth: the modern condom has big difference with the older ones. They not only become comfortable, lightweight, breathable, even both fragrant smell, beautiful color, taste, contraception and maintenance increase multi-function in a body, and it can also block many of each other infectious diseases, such as HIV / AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia infection through sexual intercourse between the sexes.

What are the misunderstanding of marital contraception?

Misunderstanding 5, intrauterine device will harm the uterus

Truth: intrauterine contraceptive device belongs to long-acting contraceptive methods, which is placed in the uterine cavity of the fertility and normal menstrual cycle of female, attachment in the endometrium sentenced to hinder the fertilized eggs of transportation so as to achieve contraceptive purposes, because it often in the activities state, so only to ensure that the resettlement properly and regularly check, it not only does not harm the body, some active intrauterine contraception is even to the endometrial and a protective effect.

Misunderstanding 6, birth control pills will affect the future to the baby

Truth: prophylactic of short effect, high efficiency, low toxicity and high reliability, because the general is compound medicine containing estrogen and progesterone, after discontinuation of the use of a few days of drugs and their metabolites mostly will be discharged to the outside of the body, so at this time, the body has been restored normal with birth ability, just in order to achieve the best physical and mental state, it is recommended to women in accordance with the specification or in accordance with a physician to disable contraceptives and then choose calmly pregnant.

What are the misunderstanding of marital contraception?

Misunderstanding 7, oral contraceptives contain hormones that affect body weight and physical health.

Truth: oral contraceptives containing hormones belongs to sexual hormone, which are not the often hear that long-term use will cause decreased immunity, easy to secondary infection of glucocorticoid, so taking oral contraceptives not only does not harm to health. In some ways it will have positive effect to health. Sometimes the pill can lead to a slight body weight increase in a short time period, which is just a temporary phenomenon and will soon disappear.

Misunderstanding 8, oral contraceptives will increase the incidence of cancer

Truth: on the contrary, oral contraceptives can not only contribute to the contraceptive effect, used properly can bring unexpected benefits, as long as not estrogen dependent tumor high-risk population. If it has no family history of breast cancer, cervical cancer, oral contraceptives did not increase the incidence of these tumors, but have some certain inhibition effect on the endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer, and can be reduce the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Misunderstanding 9, drug abortion is a good contraceptive choice

Truth: true contraception should be something before pregnant, so it is so-called avoid pregnancy, and drug abortion just outside remedial measures after pregnancy, it is absolutely not regular ways of contraception, which is not recommended.

Above is often seen in our life between husband and wife of contraception misunderstanding, I hope by our introduction can make more husband and wife has a more clear understanding on how to correct contraception.

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