What are the misconceptions of potato?

What are the misconceptions of potato? Everyone wants to go the right way to eat the food that is good for the body. Do you usually eat potatoes?

Myth 1 eat potatoes cause high blood sugar

Fact: as long as you choose the right way of cooking, it will not lead to the rise in blood sugar after eating potatoes. When talking about blood sugar, it has to talk about food glycemic index. Compared with the high glycemic index foods, in fact, the potato glycemic index is only a medium level, such as the glycemic index of boiled potatoes is 56, and the glycemic index of boiled potatoes is reached 60.3, and the microwave oven baked potatoes is high to 82.

What are the misconceptions of potato?

Myth 2 potatoes are very high in calories

Fact: potatoes are not high in calories. A potato (gross weight 260 grams) is about 278 calories and a total of 63 grams fat, so about 24% carbohydrates rate. But, you should know that the 260 grams is a very big potato, not a regular small potato. Rumors of a high calorie diet lead to obesity, mainly because of the addition of butter or frying potatoes. For example, boiled potatoes containing 80 thousand calories, while a small cup of mashed potatoes to add a small amount of butter after the heat instantly reached 93 thousand cards.

Myth 3 potatoes are not a vegetable

Fact: potatoes are root vegetables. Although it doesn’t look like a vegetable, it does, in essence, belong to a vegetable. Like potatoes, taro, yam, lotus root and so on are the root vegetables. In the food guide Pyramid, you can see the potato there.

Myth 4 cream mashed potatoes are nutritious and delicious

Fact: female friends who want to lose weight, don’t be obsessed with mashed potatoes. As a matter of fact, when you learn about Asian food, you’ll find that curry potatoes are very popular with most people. Curry potato collocation can not only play a complementary role of nutrition, and low calorie delicious food.

Error 5 per person a month to eat potatoes is enough

Fact: it is OK even you eat a potato a day. In some countries or regions, potato is a staple food. How much potatoes should be eaten, in fact, depends on the overall dietary structure of the individual, the required nutrients and activity levels, all should be considered in determining the intake of any kind of food.

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