What are the impact of impotent for man?

Hot-girl-in-black-short-night-dress-sleeping-on-bedHarm one, harm to male fertility, and even cause male infertility.

According to the disease performance, the impotent harm can be divided into mild, moderate and severe level. Patients with mild impotence, common symptom is erect not hard, which can barely complete sexual life, but the physiological function of patients in the state of none health condition, and the sperm quality is poor, cannot guarantee to give a birth to a baby. And patients with severe impotence, sexual intercourse cannot complete, so that the egg and sperm unable to input combination, cannot complete conception process, and ultimately affect fertility.

Harm two, influence their emotions, and even lead to marriage broken.

The impotence patients because they cannot complete the normal sexual intercourse, so that you and your spouse cannot enjoy sexual life. The impotent will seriously affect the feelings of husband and wife, serious and even lead to failure of marriage.

Harm three, the chronic disease be gradient of irreversible damage

According to the root cause, the impotent can be divided into organic impotence and psychological impotence types. The organic impotence is caused by some organic factors of erectile dysfunction, any serious systemic disease, chronic diseases (such as diabetes. Liver disease, kidney disease, respiratory and heart disease), congenital malformation of reproductive system (such as the urethra, hypospadias, small penis, penis and scrotum transposition of bladder exstrophy, etc.) and trauma (abdominal surgery), chronic alcoholism and endocrine system diseases (such as brain abnormalities of the pituitary gland, primary function not all, Cushing, hypothyroidism) may cause organic impotence. Therefore, we can say impotence in a certain extent indicates that men’s health problems, need to go to hospital for examination and treatment, such as the primary disease not timely and thorough treatment, will cause irreversible damage.

Harm four, heavy psychological burden may cause psychological ills

The impotence patients inevitably bear the overload psychological pressure, and the long under the shadow of the disease, so the work and daily life has been affected. Long time the mood is depressed, will make the patients lose the passion for life, negative malaise, and even cause mental disease.

The harm of impotence visible above is huge, so it needs for timely medical intervention.

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