What are the factors in life may cause gastric cancer

1, high salt diet

In daily life, many people like to eat much salt, smoked or pickled foods, like this kind of food tastes. As everyone knows, if the long-term consumption of such foods, easily lead to the occurrence of gastric cancer. High salt diet, especially cooked food, if eating overnight, the nitrite can react to form nitrosamine, and the ammonium nitrate is a highly carcinogenic substance, which has great role in promoting the occurrence and development of gastric cancer.

What are the factors in life may cause gastric cancer

2, immune factors

The high incidence of gastric cancer in patients with low immune function. When the immune dysfunction, the immune surveillance of cancer decreased, which has a certain significance in the occurrence of gastric cancer.

3, bad eating habits

Daily life because of busy work, and now many people have developed an unhealthy eating habits, such as eating too fast, eating hot food, as well as three meals a day irregular eating and so on. Such habits are very likely to lead to the occurrence of gastric cancer.

4, environmental factors

The obvious difference between different countries and regions is related to environmental factors, which is the main cause of gastric cancer. Salt may be one of the inducing factors of exogenous gastric cancer, and the incidence rate of gastric cancer is also high. Nitrosamines have been successfully induced gastric cancer in animal. Smoked fish contain more 3, 4 – benzopyrene; moldy food contains a lot of mycotoxins; after processing rice are coated with talcum powder, chemical properties and structure are similar with the asbestos fiber, these substances are considered carcinogenic.

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