What are the common manifestations of impotence?

1Some men in the sex life of the daily time, there are some occasional problem of the penis erection, then they worried that he is impotent, but the real root cause is due to their high psychological pressure. In fact, once unable to achieve an erection may be related to many factors, such as physical condition and mental pressure, then what are the common manifestations of impotence?

1, No erection during the night sleeping state.

It is all known that the erection during the sleeping time is one of the physiological reaction of male. If the men are suffering from impotence problem, then the sleeping erection will be disappear for a long time. When you have good erection during the night sleeping time, then is can be judged that it has nothing to do with impotence.  When woke up in the morning there will be penis erection, in this case the erection dysfunction mostly caused by mental factors.

2, very short sexual intercourse.

Impotence disease is usually onset more anxious, although at the beginning time, the sexual life of husband and wife is relatively smooth, but cannot keep a durable time. Or the penis can erect normally, and suddenly be soft when try to insert into the vagina, which are also the symptoms of impotence. In addition, accompanied by mental symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, lack of energy, some may be associated with premature ejaculation or no ejaculation during sexual intercourse. These symptoms of impotence are more common.

3, Long time of sexual dysfunction

The impotence is a common disease in the daily life. After suffering from impotence, with the development of illness, patients will be abnormal sexual function.
These diseases must be occurs within a period of time, which is likely to be impotent, also need to go to the regular hospital to do further checks to confirm, so do not have too much psychological pressure by your own judgment, causing more severe symptoms.

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