What are the benefits of woman to swallow the sperm?

In order to increase the pleasure, some men and women appeal may have various styles during the sexual life, some women will put the male semen swallowed into the stomach. Some women may not accept it, in fact, women are appropriate to eat some of the semen of men which is good for the body, because the semen of men is rich in male hormones and protein. So, what are the benefits of a woman eating a man’s semen?

First, it can protect the skin and skin whitening effect. The man’s semen contains rich protein and androgen, and zinc, iron and other trace elements, and all of these can protect your skin, which cannot be covered by any other skin care products.

What are the benefits of woman to swallow the sperm?

Second, the consumption of male semen will make your hair better and better. Some research data said: man’s semen is produced with the liver and kidney, which can nourishing blood, therefore the man’s semen can be good for female hair.

Third, the consumption of semen can be anti-aging. The zinc and androgen in men’s semen are anti-aging medicine.

What are the benefits of woman to swallow the sperm?

Fourth, eating semen can treat insomnia, due to men semen has a sedative effect, as long as you persevere will feel the benefits of this. Insomnia female friends may try this, and with some certain time, you must be able to feel the benefits of sleep, endocrine disorders symptoms will be improved together. If your face skin has some spot, after a period of time, you will be surprised to find the scarred face gradually fade, gradually disappear. Because the man’s semen can soothe the nerves, insomnia, and adjust your endocrine.

Appropriate to eat some of the semen of men, you can whitening the skin, black hair, anti-aging, treatment of insomnia, endocrine regulation. So as long as you can accept consumption of semen, may wish to eat some of the usual appropriate. But if you can’t accept this way, it is best to avoid eating.

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