What are the benefits of sexual life to the human body?

According to sexual health experts for many years found that the husband and wife a good sex life can promote the health of the two sides. Don’t think that sexual life has nothing to do with your body healthy beyond consumption of physical strength. Today, pop healthy living network will tell you this topic, what are the benefits of good sexual life can bring.

The good sex not only makes people happy, but also brings many unexpected benefits. Recently, the United States science expert Barbara Pis in his new book, “a man needs sex – women needs love”, sex is a magical “panacea”, which can help people to resist various diseases and get a strong body. Here are some big reasons why sex is a good medicine.

What are the benefits of sexual life to the human body?

Allergy prevention. Sex is a natural anti histamine agent, can help reduce nasal congestion and pollen allergy, but also effectively reduce the incidence of asthma.

Treating dermatitis. The more sweat produced during the sexual life can clean pores, improve the skin surface temperature, help dermatitis, skin rashes, acne and other skin diseases recover quickly.

Eliminate depression. The brain will produce a lot of EP during the sexual life, and this kind of material can make people feel happy. Studies at the University of California in the United States have shown that 85% of patients with mild depression have been reduced after a high tide. So, in emotional depression, sex is better than medicine.

Effective weight loss. Sex can help people to eliminate fat when enjoy the happiness, the effect is better than the weight loss drugs. Different sex positions can stretch exercise each muscle, which is better than swimming or running.

What are the benefits of sexual life to the human body?

Help sleeping. For men, a powerful 5 – 10 seconds of orgasm is equivalent to taking 2 to 3 mg of diazepam, which can help them fast asleep. For women, 10 sex can help reduce the frequency of insomnia.

Relieve headache. Sex can release tension, so as to effectively alleviate the symptoms of headache.

If you want a husband and wife together to be happy, then you should learn how to make sex life more beautiful and harmonious. Suggested that both husband and wife should be in the normal life of the network or other means to learn some of the sexual knowledge, which will benefit the future life much, but also to maintain good health benefits.

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