Vitamin C is not only hidden in fruits

Do not know from what time to start, people began to have formed view on food nutrition topic. But in fact, food nutrition is rich and colorful, for food and nutrition should not curing the vision.

When mention of certain nutrients, it will make people think of a certain kind of food, and when it comes to certain foods, it will make people think of some kind of nutrition related ingredients. For example, when it comes to vitamin C, people immediately think of lemons and oranges; at the mention of potassium, people would immediately think of bananas; when it comes to carotene, people will surely think of carrots; and when talk about the spinach, immediately recall oxalate; when it comes to celery, immediately to lower blood pressure. All these can be defined as the formed view of the food nutrition.

Vitamin C is not only hidden in fruits

In fact, the role of food health cannot be judged like this way. A lot of the nutritional facts of the food will make us very surprised! Don’t believe it? Take a look at the following examples:

Taro potato: potassium much richer than bananas

The taro contained about 50% potassium more than bananas. In fact, all the potatoes are excellent sources of potassium. As long as change a bowl of rice into the same starch content of potatoes, the intake of potassium can increase 10 times. Voiding a large amount of people, such as diabetes, kidney stones patients, patients with gout, hypertension patients, and to eat too salty, it is easy to loss of potassium, eat potato alternative staple food is really a good idea.

In fact, in green leafy vegetables, potassium content over banana is abound, such as spinach, kale, lettuce, spinach, amaranth, Begonia fimbristipula Hance.

Dark green leafy vegetables: a good source of magnesium.

Magnesium is important for healthy bones and for controlling blood pressure. It is also known as the “anti stress hormone” “. But when it comes to magnesium, people usually think of bananas. In fact, it is only the fruit of the magnesium containing champion. Almost all of the dark green leafy vegetables are good sources of magnesium, the content can reach or exceed the level of banana. The reason is very simple: each chlorophyll molecule which contains a magnesium ion, so the color the more green, more magnesium.

Vitamin C is not only hidden in fruits

Another source of the best magnesium is nuts and seeds, such as eating 50 grams of watermelon seeds, equivalent to 200 grams of green leafy vegetables. However, the heat of green leaf vegetables is only 1/3 of bananas, 1/20 of nuts about. So, if you are afraid of fat, eat green leafy vegetables to supplement potassium and magnesium is the best choice.

Vitamin C is not only hidden in fruits

Tomatoes are generally considered to be the best vitamin C contained vegetable. In fact, potatoes contain more vitamin C than tomatoes! Not only potatoes, sweet potato, taro, yam, potato food are all contained a lot of vitamin C. All kinds of green leafy vegetables contain vitamin C, basically more than tomatoes.

Green pepper is the vitamin C championship in the vegetables, but it is relatively low in acidity, the loss of vitamin C in cooking which is relatively large. Although the vitamin C content of the potato is only 1 / 3 of the green pepper, but due to starch of vitamin C has a strong protective effect, potatoes in the cooking process of vitamin C loss very small. So, if the staple food with potatoes, even if no longer eat other vegetables and fruits, vitamin C can also meet the needs of the human body. In the past, people in the north cannot eat vegetables in winter, a lot of people do not lack vitamin C, because they often use potatoes and sweet potatoes as the staple food.

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