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How to reach 20 minutes above to satisfy your women?

Hello guys, this is Jhon here. Most men would like to act as a porn star to have a more than half hour sex intercourse, or even longer time. OK, the porn videos have some composition of performance. But it is always true to be longer can make women have at least one time orgasm or more.

You are suffering premature ejaculation problem, even your penis erections are big and hard, but without longer lasting, big and hard features are meaningless. Just image that you started only 30 seconds ago, and your women was getting some feeling, but you finished. It is not a joke, the premature ejaculation problem will definitely ruin sexual relationships, marriages, and can also be critical embarrassing, especially the first sex time with a girl.

For such situation, there are many different enhancement products out there. At the same time, if you don’t like taking pill or capsule for whatever reason. The VigRX Delay Spray can enhance your big and hard erection with longer lasting fact. I believe you will like it very much!

This delay spray is designed in a mall bottle form similar as a small bottle of mouthwash. You can find the name with a word “delay” that means it can delay men orgasm.

You basically spray it on your penis about 5 – 10 minutes before sex, rub it in with your hand, and it allows you to perform MUCH longer then you normally would.

What is inside of VigRX Delay Spray? Ingredients introduction

VigRX-Delay-Spray-reviewThis VigRX Delay Spray is designed as a topical application, which target to delay climax for men to have a longer sex intercourse to show more your manhood. Just image that you can bring at least one or more orgasm for your women during the warm bed sex time. This orgasm delay product for men works as a male desensitizer, which can gently decrease the simulation to your penis feeling system, then you can control your release duration.

So what ingredient has been added to achieve such great function? With the official maker introduction, the primary active ingredient included in VigRX Delay Spray is benzocaine who belongs to a mild anesthetic, which are also common used in the “endurance-condoms” products with the similar function. So with these wordings, I believe that you already get the main point of this product, that this benzocaine ingredient will make your penis never system to relax.

Maybe you have done much more homework on the male delay products, and you also heard of lidocaine which is also wildly used in male delay creams or gels. Why VigRX Delay Spray did not take this ingredient as the other products. Because lidocaine is much powerful than benzocaine, it can be easily over anesthesia, which can often lead to excessive numbing for some men.

Furthermore, this VigRX Delay Spray is United States within a cGMP-compliant facility. That means all the producing processing is under the most strict health and safety regulation monitoring.

How does VigRX Delay Spray works?

As claimed above, you already know that the major ingredient added is called benzocaine who belongs to a mild anesthetic. It is about 10 minutes after you apply this delay spray on your penis, this ingredient will be absorbed into your penis through your penis upper epidermal cell. This stuff will let your penis nerves system relax, then to keep your erection for long time and even control your release time.

Please keep in your mind that this delay spray result will vary from different guys, but normally, the result will last from 20 to 30 minutes. After your usage experience increased, it could make your last much longer time.

Furthermore, this delay spray can be absolutely used together with other male enhancement products, such as the 1# leading penis pill VigRX Plus pills and the man volume enhancer Semenax. With such combination for a certain dose time, you could get the most powerful performance.

How to use VigRX Delay Spray?

There is nothing can be easier. The only thing you need to do is apply this spray on your penis with two or three dose, and then wait for about 10 minutes to allow your penis skin absorb it totally. And please keep in your minder that this delay spray is dose based, if you think your ejaculation is much fast, then you can apply a little more, until you get your satisfied point.


It is not allowed to apply this delay spray if you or your partner are with allergic reaction to benzocaine. Furthermore, if there is damage skin part, it is also highly recommended not to use this spray.

VigRX Delay Spray Pros.

  • nurse-sexyEffectively delays male orgasm to have a longer sexual intercourse;
  • Condom compatible;
  • Oral sex is possible, Just wipe it with a damp towel before the act starts;
  • Better results than other male desensitizers;
  • Help their women climax multiple times;
  • Better results than from other male desensitizers;
  • You can choose when to release;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Portable, due to the delay spray is literally a bottle the size of a small bottle of mouthwash;
  • With 67days guarantee money back without question;
  • You doesn’t require a prescription;

VigRX Delay Spray Cons.

  • Numbness possible if you over used;
  • No local retail available, only available for purchase online;
  • This spray can only delay, can’t make it bigger;
  • Some guys don’t like lidocaine for whatever reason

Any Side Effects of VigRX Delay Spray?

One important issue should be highlighted here that there is numbness possibility if you over used. So it is highly recommended to strictly use with 1-3 sprays per one time. Normally, under this recommended dosage, there will be no side effects at all.

Where to Buy VigRX Delay Spray?

The VigRX Delay Spray official website is the only place for the genuine version purchase. The maker did not authorized to any other retails channels, so if you find any other website for dealing with this delay spray, it can be 100% sure it is a scam to steal your money or even endanger your body health.

Keep in your minder, no pay no gain. So never be cheated by the low attractive price.

Which country can place the order?

The VigRX Delay Spray delivery package can reach your hand anywhere if you are living in below countries, including: UK, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, Pakistan, Peru, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, France, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, Ireland, Philippines, China, Israel… What you need to do is just select your delivery location when place your orders.

Worldwide map with visited locations

Does VigRX Delay Spray provide any Free Trial?

Sorry, there is NO such Free Trial program from the maker.

Any coupon can be applied to get high rate discount?

Sorry, there is NO coupon discount form the maker.

Does VigRX Delay Spray guarantee full refund?

Yes, you get a 67 day money back guarantee after you buy VigRX Delay Spray with no questions, and 67 days equal 60 days plus 7 days shipping days. But you should notice that if you choose refund, the shipping fee will be on your bill.

What kind of payment methods are accepted?

Never worry about you cannot spend your money, due to the maker already provode the most popular payment way for you.



With my deep study, VigRX Delay Spraye can be claimed as the 1# leading delay spray products for male penis enhancement, which is another great member of the great brand VigRX who has already earned big name in the male enhancement field from decades ago. Many guys like this delay spray, because it bring great effect for their sexual performance.

“What are you waiting for?” You can get the price and place your order at the VigRX Delay Spray website.

Any other questions, please feel free to email me or leave comment below, which will be checked within very short time. And I hope you can get a perfect sexual life experience.

About the Author: Jhon Simith who is the founder of network performs as the major contributor. He is a super enthusiast in sexual health niche, who has already done deep studies on men and women sexual supplements field and well know the performance of the most men and women sexual health supplement in the market. He can bring the right information to the right people to keep the potential risk away.

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