Vigilance: more than 90% white-collar bad diet easy cause cancer

Diet has a close relationship with the occurrence of cancer, but what kind of eating habits can easily lead to cancer? Let us have a look, in our daily life, whether there is a bad habit of causing cancer.

1, love to eat hot food

In clinic, doctors found that many patients with digestive system cancers, especially esophageal cancer, gastric cancer patients, they have a common characteristic, which is like to eat very hot food, every meal hate not to eat things that are just out of the pot. Consulting a was diagnosed with esophageal cancer patients diet, found he not only like to eat hot food, but also very like to drink hot tea, is that these poor eating habits causing him to onset of middle age.

Vigilance: more than 90% white-collar bad diet easy cause cancer

In recent years, domestic and foreign reports have been proved, drinking hot tea will destroy the esophageal mucosal barrier. According to the epidemiological investigation of the areas of high incidence of esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer patients have a large proportion of people, like hot, hard food, fast food or drinking.

Animal experiment also shows that drinking, eating hot food, eating fast will all lead some burn and corrosion of the esophageal mucosa. When the mucosal cell proliferative lesions, may further cancerous.

2, eat food too fast

Eat too fast seemed to become a common feature of the modem people, and the work and life pressure to let the workers in a state of high tension, eat seems to just for the needs of the body, so eat very fast. In fact, this is very detrimental to the health of the body.

Fast food, chewing food is not fine, easy to damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, causing chronic inflammation; in addition, eating food so fast, so the food clumps of large volume, easy digestive tract of esophagus and cardia produced strong mechanical stimulation, a long time can cause gastrointestinal damage and cancer.

Mr. Zhang is one such patient, from starting to work, because the job is too busy, so trained fast food ability, and then the bad things happen, after work for 10 years, he has got cancer of the stomach.

3, eat too full

The Chinese ancestors in the very early had known to eat too full will cause harm to the body, the Yellow Emperor’s classic of internal medicine by the very classic words: eating too much and then stomach is hurt. This means that eating too much at one time, the first injury is our own intestines and stomach.

4, often eat in the restaurant

Today is the era of rapid economic development, the rapid increase in the level of living, but also changed the people’s home eating habits. Many people due to the work reasons, had to often socialize, in fact, such a diet is very detrimental to the health of the body.

On the one hand, due to the irregular meals resulting in a diet without time, so the spleen and stomach damage will happen after a long time. On the other hand, compared with the family cooking food, in order to pursue the color fragrance, the food sold outside usually use the method of high-temperature frying or add a lot of seasoning, they contain more carcinogenic substances.

At the same time, we have a large number of drinking at the party, which will undoubtedly increase the burden on the stomach, which provide the conditions for the occurrence of cancer.

Vigilance: more than 90% white-collar bad diet easy cause cancer

5, often excessive drinking

From the aspects of health care, drinking a moderate amount of alcohol can be excited nerve, let a person have the joyful feeling, the physiological functions of refreshing, and can relax blood vessels to improve blood circulation, improve human immunity, increase appetite, is conducive to sleep. Recently, foreign research analysis shows that less than 20 grams of daily drinking, can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease 20%, in patients with diabetes, hypertension, old myocardial infarction, but also get the same results.

Moderate drinking is beneficial to human body, and alcohol can increase the high density lipoprotein (prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis occurrence and development), platelet thrombus formation and enhance the body’s sensitivity to insulin, the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, diabetes has certain effect.

However, everything should not overdo the limitation. The excessive drinking is harmful to health. The main ingredient of alcohol is called ethanol, which is a kind of toxic substances that can damage all kinds of tissues and cells of human body, which can damage the whole body system.

Study shows: direct drink alcohol, or a day to drink two or more than 4 liquor, drinking beer and so on, are prone to lead to cancer way.

It is worth mentioning that, to avoid drinking when empty stomach. Fasting drinking, since there is no food in the stomach, alcohol rapid absorption by the gastric mucosa, a direct result of a sharp rise in blood alcohol concentration, on the human body do great harm, so the alcohol before should eat some foods, especially carbohydrate is better, because the decomposition produces energy for liver “burning” alcohol.

In addition, you can also choose some appropriate snacks, such as fresh vegetables, fish, lean meat, beans, eggs and so on to supplement liver alcohol metabolism enzymes and vitamins.

Vigilance: more than 90% white-collar bad diet easy cause cancer

6, only occasionally eat fruits and vegetables

Dietary stress balance, fruits and vegetables is an important part of our daily meals, so if you usually only love to eat meat, do not eat vegetables and fruits, it will increases the risk of cancer.

Research shows that long-term high intake of red meat and cooked meat products can increase the colon cancer risk increased by 29% and 50%. The clinician said there are a pair of twin brothers, their common diet is meat and drink, do not eat vegetables and fruits, unfortunately the results is that the brother had colon cancer, a year after brother was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer.

Fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamin C and cellulose, which has always been considered as a good anticancer activity. Research shows that the carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, radish, citrus fruit has strong anti-cancer effects, especially better tumor effect to the oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, colon, lung and other parts of the. Therefore, suggest that you usually pay more attention to eating fruits and vegetables.

7, eating without any regulation

Don’t eat in time often seem to be a common problem of modern people, in fact, this is very adverse to the body. Research shows that the irregular diet may lead to obesity and gastric cancer.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the in time to eat is conducive to the normal operation of the function of the spleen and stomach, in order to ensure the supplement and coordination of blood in the body and avoid the internal organs function disorders, prevention of the cancer occurrence. On the other hand, the diet is conducive to the secretion of saliva and saliva secretion for timing carcinogenic substances have the effect of digestion.

8, the dining environment is not pleasant

Modern research shows that bad mood changes is activator of cancer. Some scholars have collected nearly 50 years of data, found that depression, anxiety, despair and sadness and other negative emotions is often a prelude to cancer, usually as long as the mood latent 1~2 years, may cause disease. 500 cases of cancer patients in the United States after expert investigation, all have obvious psychological trauma.

This is not difficult to understand, if eat in unpleasant environment, will directly affect the function of the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach disorder to create conditions to the occurrence of cancer. Modern people eat while working, one hand holding the box, the other hand is also holding the phone, and how can the health?

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