Use toothpaste to clean your genitals may cause infertility

Use toothpaste to clean your genitals may cause infertility It is very clear that there is no such study or clinic test showing that cleaning your penis with toothpaste can improve erectile function. Furthermore, due to everything has its own usage purpose, if beyond its original designed area, it may also cause some problems.

"I have seen a lot of messages on the Internet. Some people recommend using toothpaste to clean the penis glans. It says that it can paralyze and stimulate nerves, prolong the penis erection time, and also act as a disinfectant. It also claims that this method has no any side effects which is suitable for all men. But I went to the hospital to consult an expert and all the doctors said they never heard of it."

Experts explained that toothpaste is mainly produced with soap, talc, essence, mint and amino leaves. In theory, peppermint does expand the blood vessels, cool the skin, and reduce the sensitivity of peripheral nerves functions. In medicine, peppermint is commonly used for sweating or as an auxiliary agent to promote the absorption of other drugs. But it is irritating, if over used, it is likely to lead to congestion and numbness of the glans, and other people may also have allergies. If the cleaning is not done well, but also with the penis inserted, residual in women’s vagina to stimulate vaginal mucosa, causing discomfort. Furthermore, the talc and other particles in the toothpaste may cause slight bruising of the glans and vaginal mucosa.

Use toothpaste to clean your genitals may cause infertility Other ingredients added to the toothpaste may also stimulate the glans and vaginal mucosa, causing allergies. In addition, there are so many kinds of toothpaste in the market out there, added ingredients is not uniform, the pH value is different, some chemical components (such as fluorine agent), there is potential impact of fertility.

"Men should not listen to such ridicules statement. After all, the quality of sexual life is not only measured by sexual intercourse duration. But the sexual pleasure is the original target" Experts say.

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