Understanding penis from anatomy viewpoint

Understanding penis from anatomy viewpoint The male penis has been called the executive organ of sexual behavior by Professor Freud, a pioneer of Austria sexology and human sexuality research. In the art and literature of the past, people gave the penis so much respect, praise and slander. Many reproductive myths have influenced human culture, behavior, biology and medicine.

In order to understand why the penis erects, it need to start with the anatomy of the penis.

The penis consists of 3 long cavernous bodies, including 2 corpus cavernosumlocated on the back and 1 urethra bodies located on the ventral side (urethra through). The corpus cavernosum is an erectile tissue, especially the smooth muscle of the cavernous sinus and the arterial wall. Wrapped around the penis from the outside to the inside in the superficial fascia, are penis skin tissue, deep fascia and tunica albuginea penis. In order to effectively play the role of the fascia must have high hardness and axial force in the penile erection, and become soft and weak in penile none erection. Furthermore, these fascial layers must be symmetric extension and increase the diameter and form a straight erection.

The tunica albuginea is with complex structure, the inner fiber is with ring shape, but the outer layer is longitudinal. A healthy albuginea collagen fiber is closely related to its underlying elastic fibers, in order to carry out the normal strong sexual response and soft. A multi-layered fascia arrangement allows a layer of fascia to slide on the other layer, so that it can prevent venous blood flow during erection. Under normal circumstances, this blocking mechanism and smooth muscle trabecular and small artery relaxation is carried out at the same time, so as to make a large number of arterial blood flow, the corpus cavernosum expansion, so that the white membrane under the small veins. In addition, the albuginea fascia slides each other to make the vein occlusion and reduce the venous blood flow of the penis and helps to form a completely hard erection.

As the corpus cavernosum surrounded by the thickening of the albuginea is thick, wrapped around the urethral corpus cavernosum is thinner, the hardness is poor when in the penile erection, but more flexible. As the penis head no membrane, when urethral cavernosum and penis head at the erection only volume expensed, not like the corpus cavernosum because of the thick albuginea and provide erection hardness, so the penis at the erection is also very soft. Some men attribute the lack of satisfaction to the head of the soft penis. After recognizing the differences in the internal structures that exist between the corpus cavernosum, and the glans penis, it is possible to understand their functional differences and their different manifestations in erection.

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