Under what condition you need penis lengthening operation?

Under what condition you need penis lengthening operation? The average length of penis in normal adults is 6.55 cm (3.7 to 10.6 cm). The size of the penis has nothing to do with height or weight, and the length of the penis increases to twice as much during erection.

Some normal male penis is much shorter, which may be caused by many reasons, such as genetic, due to the penis is also an organ of the body, the size and shape is obvious impacted by genetic factors. It is also directly related to the body development and nutritional status, general adult male with good height and be athletic, the genitalia including penis, scrotal development is also good conversely, and the penis is relatively larger. Furthermore, the obesity is another impact factor, causing penis relatively short. There are a number of other factors, such as endocrine disorders will also lead penis short.

Who needs penis lengthening surgery?

Most of the normal adult males with short penises do not need to be treated because their length is approximately normal and does not affect a harmonious sex life. But if the length after erection is less than 10 cm, there are strong demands for penis enlargement, you can consider such correction operation. Furthermore, there is not a specific centimeter limitation, because each person’s subjective consciousness and life experience is different, there is a fundamental difference.

Penis lengthening operation introduction

The common treatment methods include silicone prosthesis implantation, autogenous rib implantation, superficial and deep suspensory ligament resection, and lengthening of corpus cavernosum, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the scope of operation extension is limited, usually can be extended 3 ~ 6 cm, the length influenced by the patient psychology, posture, room temperature and other external environment. After the application of antibiotics, the anti-infection medicine should be taken, and use estrogen for 5~7 days, staying in bed for rest as well. It is best to reduce erection, and 2 months prohibit sexual life.

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