Ugly appearance fruits will be better?

In life, many people pick the fruit in with “ugly in appearance”, they look bad, but sweeter. Indeed they will taste better than general fruit. Why would it be so? This way to pick the fruit right?

In this regard, experts say, in the process of fruit growth, owing to the external oppression, water and too much sugar and other reasons, may lead to some fruit appearance burst, also formed some ugly appearance. These grow in the appropriate “adversity” under the stress of deformity fruit, tend to mature, because stress tends to stimulate fruit ethylene release faster, and ethylene is a matter of mature fruit stimulation. Ethylene can promote fruit accumulation of starch into disaccharides and monosaccharides, and reduce fruit acidity. So eat up, of course, more sour taste less. So, from this point of view, it is a certain basis for the crooked melon split date.

Ugly appearance fruits will be better?

However, to buy fruit can not only pursue the sweet taste, safety is the first major consideration. Fruit safety factor is higher in the uglier appearance ones? Experts do not think. The skin has a protective effect on big fruit, if the skin rupture, fruits may be contaminated with many bacteria and eggs, eat may cause acute gastroenteritis, it seems that crooked melon split date taste is sweet, but not very safe.

Similar fruit, beautiful and ugly, nutrition with big difference? In this regard, experts said that fruit nutrition components including sugar, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and cellulose, which people pay more attention to the minerals and vitamins, the ratio of less than 1% in the fruit, the other is mainly water. So, on the same fruit, how the appearance for its nutritional intake amount does not exist great influence.

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