Two kinds of fruit should put a few days to eat

Some fruit is not the best to eat just bought or just picked it. This is because some fruits, once mature, will quickly become soft and cannot be transported and stored, so they must be picked before they are fully ripe to be safely transported to the supermarket. Because of these fruits, the need for a “ripening”.

Two kinds of fruit should put a few days to eat

1 kiwi fruit

Belly with your fingers gently press the ends of kiwifruit, if no longer feel hard pressed at a slight deformation, but not very soft, this is the best state of edible kiwi. For the kiwi, there is a popular saying in the market, “3 days for soft, 7 days will be rotten, and half month will get half bad”. Therefore, when you buy kiwi fruit, you should by the solid state and no mechanical damage. But the hard kiwi is not delicious, the sugar is low, also let people feel insipid. Because the fruit contains a lot of protease, decomposition of the tongue and oral mucosa protein, causing discomfort. Under normal temperature, kiwi generally placed 3 days will be soft to achieve the best edible state.

Two kinds of fruit should put a few days to eat

2 avocado

According to the surface by hand pinch avocado, if the feeling is elastic, that means the avocado has proved mature. The more deep brown spots on the green surface, the avocado is more mature, but if the skin is covered with deep and shallow brown spots, it is not recommendations do buy that likely overripe deterioration. If the day is not to eat, you should buy more raw ones, this fruit after 2~3 days at room temperature will naturally devolve mature. After the maturity of avocado in the refrigerator can be stored for a week or so.

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