Top list for the most dirty fruit

Oh, my God! The most dirty fruit in the second position is strawberries? What is the top one? What are the other fruits? And what are they supposed to eat to be healthy?

No.10 pepper

67% of the pepper samples contained residues of pesticides that could be detected, even after washing or peeling.

No.9 Cherry Tomatoes

A Cherry Tomatoes samples can detect 13 different pesticides.

No.8 potato

Compared with other grain crops, the weight of pesticide residues in potato was significantly higher.

No.7 sweet pepper

Like grapes, a sweet pepper sample contains 15 kinds of pesticide residues.

Apple, strawberry, grape, celery, peach, spinach, pepper

No.6 spinach

Spinach is one of the most heavily contaminated vegetables.

No.5 peach

Contains more pesticides. EWG in the report stressed that the pesticide is obviously toxic, they are in order to kill harmful living pests, weeds and fungi, etc.. Eating after peeling will be the safest way.

No.4 celery

13 different pesticides can be detected in a sample of celery.

No.3 grape

15 pesticide residues can be detected in a grape sample. In terms of the types of pesticides, grape topped the list, a total of 64 kinds of different chemical substances.

No.2 strawberry

From fifth in 2013, rose to second in 2014.

Correct washing method is that keep the strawberries head leaf, soak in the water for 15 minutes, so that most of the pesticides will dissolved in water; and then remove strawberries leaves, put into the salt water soak for five minutes more, and then rinse with water, which can be eaten and try to avoid hand rub, and does not need to use a cleaning agent.

No.1 apple

Apple has ranked first in the list of the most dirty fruits and vegetables for many years. This year’s test found that 99% of apple samples contain at least one pesticide residue, and the highest amount of residual. The best to eat the apple peel.

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