Top 10 good of eating apples daily

Apple is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it is the most often eat fruit in people daily life. Apple dietary fiber content is rich, but also contains large amounts of pectin, so it is really helpful for adjusting the intestinal flora. Often eating apples can make the skin more moisture. So any other benefits from eating apple, please read the following information, and then eat one apple per day.

Top 10 good of eating apples daily

1, stop diarrhea

Apple is rich in tannic acid, malic acid, organic acid, pectin and cellulose substances which have convergence effect. The pectin and cellulose can absorb bacteria and toxins, so apple can stop intestinal diarrhea. The only daily morning eating one apple can have good effect on treatment of watery diarrhea.

2, good laxative

Organic acids and cellulose in apple can promote intestinal peristalsis, so it can make the stool soft, facilitate the excretion. Eating apples can promote defecate, treat dry stool.

Top 10 good of eating apples daily

3, prevent pregnancy reaction acid poisoning

For women who have pregnancy reaction, eating apples can not only supply calories, vitamins, but also can adjust the salt water and electrolyte balance, preventing acidosis caused by frequent vomiting.

4, prevention and treatment of hypertension

Apples contain more potassium, less sodium, and potassium in apple can combine with excess sodium to discharge out of body. Therefore, eat apples or drink Apple Juice is very good for the patients with hypertension. Apple for the elderly, especially high cholesterol people, it is the ideal fruit. You can eat 300 to 400 grams of apples in the weekly, and do not eat other food. And after 5 weeks, it can make blood pressure drops. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and obesity should select sweet apples to eat.

Top 10 good of eating apples daily

5, increase appetite, beneficial to infant growth

Apple contains dissolved phosphorus and irons which are easy to digest and absorb, and it is also beneficial to the infant growth and development, also can prevent infant rickets.

6, weight loss

Apple contains a lot of vitamins, malic acid which can promote the accumulation of fat in the human body decomposition, so often eat apples can prevent obesity. Excessive fat peolple need to eat some sour apple.

Top 10 good of eating apples daily

7, prevention and treatment of anemia

Often eat apples can increase hemoglobin, make the skin becomes red and tender, therefore, for anemia patients, eating apples can play a certain role of adjuvant therapy.

8, prevent aging

Apple containing calcium and vitamin E have a diuretic effect of beauty, can help prevent aging.

Top 10 good of eating apples daily

9, prevent diabetes

Apples contain pectin which can prevent cholesterol increasing, reducing blood sugar. So eating apple has certain effect on the prevention and treatment of diabetes. The sour apple will be better for treatment of diabetes.

10, enhance memory

Apple is not only rich in sugar, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for the brain, but more importantly, it is rich in zinc. According to the research, zinc is part of many important enzymes in human body, and it is the key elements to promote the human growth and development. Human zinc deficiency would have an adverse impact on memory.

Top 10 good of eating apples daily

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