Top 10 food that most likely to make you sick

Fried food

Fried food energy density is high, often eating easily lead to obesity. Containing high fat and oxidation of material is the most dangerous food which can lead to hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease. In the frying process, tend to produce large amounts of carcinogenic substances. Some studies have shown that people eat fried foods, some of their cancer incidence is much higher than that of eating little or eating fried food group.

Canned foods

Whether canned fruit, or canned meat, in which the nutrients have been a lot of damage, especially destroyed almost all kinds of vitamins. In addition, canned products in the denaturation of proteins often appear, the absorption rate is greatly reduced, and nutritional value greatly shrink. Also, a lot of canned fruits contain high sugar content and liquid intake as the carrier is the human body, the absorption of sugar rate increased, but within a short time after eating led to a sharp rise in blood glucose and pancreatic load greatly increased. At the same time, due to higher energy, leading to obesity.

Top 10 food that most likely to make you sick

Pickled food

In the process of preserved foods requires a large amount of salt, which leads to the food salt content exceed the standard, resulting in the consumption of preserved foods are often the burden of kidney risk. Also, food can produce a large number of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the curing process, resulting in the risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and other malignant tumors increased greatly. In addition, due to the high concentration of salt can seriously damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, so often eat pickled food, gastrointestinal inflammation and ulcer incidence rate is higher.

Processed meat

This type of food contains a certain amount of nitrite, so it may have the potential to cause cancer risk. In addition, due to the addition of preservatives, colouring agent and color retention agent, resulting in human liver burden. Also, ham and other products are mostly high sodium foods, a large number of eating can lead to excessive salt intake, resulting in fluctuations in blood pressure and renal damage.

Fat and animal internal organs

Visceral fat and animal internal organs foods, although contains a certain amount of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, but contain large amounts of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, which has been identified the most important two kinds of dietary factors as leading to heart disease. It is now clear that long-term large number of internal organs of the food intake of animals can be positive, significantly increased the risk of cardiovascular disease and malignant tumors (such as colon cancer, breast cancer).

Top 10 food that most likely to make you sick

Cream products

Cream products of high energy density, but the nutrient content is not rich, mainly fat and sugar. Often eat cream products can lead to weight gain, even blood glucose and blood lipids. Eating cream cake before meals, but also cause loss of appetite. High fat and high sugar content often affect gastric emptying, and even lead to gastroesophageal reflux. Acid reflux, heartburn and other symptoms of a lot of people eating cream products on an empty stomach after.

Instant noodles

A kind of food of instant noodles is a high salt, high fat, low vitamin, and low mineral food. On the one hand, due to the high salt content increased kidney burden, increase blood pressure; on the other hand, contains a certain amount of artificial fats (trans fatty acids), has a considerable negative impact on cardiovascular. In addition contain preservatives and flavor, may have potential adverse effects on the liver.

BBQ food

Grilled foods contain strong carcinogens material. Only this one is enough to alert people to avoid “barbecue food”.

Frozen desserts

Frozen desserts including ice cream etc.. This kind of food has three problems: due to high content of cream, easily lead to obesity; due to the high sugar content, reduce appetite; may also be due to low temperatures to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.

Preserved fruit, plum and candied foods

This kind of food containing nitrite amines in the human body can be combined to form a potential carcinogen nitrite amine; contain flavor additives may damage the liver and other organs; containing high salt can cause high blood pressure and kidney burden.

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