Too few Sexual life will lead women be more risk for disease

Each person’s sexual life is not the same, but has its own rules. Most people know that the regular sexual life can bring us a lot of benefits. Of course, this rule requires sexual life cannot be too little, nor not too much. One study found that sexual life too few will lead women easily uterine damaged.

During the sexual life, it need to consume a lot of energy, and the body’s metabolism will speed up, so large amounts of the body’s waste will be excreted out.

More important is that the sex life can accelerate the blood circulation of the reproductive organs of the lower abdomen, so as to ensure the health of uterus. On the contrary, if not moderate sexual life, it will cause the uterus to poor blood circulation, resulting in congestion, likely to develop uterine fibroids and uterine cysts diseases. Researchers have even suggested that sex can be used as a supplementary treatment for the uterine fibroids.

Too few Sexual life will lead women be more risk for disease

The people who has more than two times sex life per week, the immune system can be strengthened, not easy to be cold germs infection.

The people who has more than 3 time sex life each week compared with the sexual life of less than 3 time, they are looks at least 10 years younger. In addition, the irregular sex life or rarely sexual life of women, probably will develop some diseases, and the most common disease will be uterus.

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