To be able to stay away from heart disease dosing this once a day

A new study shows that a tomato a day can keep the family from heart disease and cancer.

Onions and apples are old stories, but now the hottest vegetable is tomato. British scientists found that the new research and development of tomato pill can improve the cardiovascular function, which once again proved that the ancient Mediterranean diet is beneficial to the health of the body.

The pill contains a natural antioxidant lycopene, the effect is 10 times than the vitamin E, which is the main element of the tomato pan red. Lycopene has been considered as a powerful weapon against cancer, heart disease and cancer and other diseases, now it has been confirmed that their strong cardiovascular function of 76 patients at least in the study have been enhanced.

To be able to stay away from heart disease dosing this once a day

“Lycopene is known to be the most effective antioxidant,” said Cheriyan Joseph, associate lecturer and researcher at the University of Cambridge. The biological basis and epidemiological data show that in Europe, the eating habits of people to a certain extent changes in the mortality of cardiovascular disease.

Dr.Cheriyan’s research team used placebo pills to test the efficacy of the tomato slices, and randomly distributed two tablets to 36 heart disease patients and 36 healthy volunteers. This is a double blind test, that is to say, whether it is a doctor or a test, we do not know who accepted the treatment.

53% initially diagnosed with heart disease patients after taking the tomato slices, their cardiovascular disease compared to take the blood vessels of the patient’s blood vessels to expand, tomato red pigment Angel aura can be described as more shiny. Cardiovascular contraction is the main cause of stroke and heart attack, so the results of the study are also critical to develop an epidemic that is currently leading to a 25% mortality rate in the United States. Dr. Cheriyan and his team believe that the role of the pill is to enhance the function of vascular endothelial cells.

Each pill contains 7 mg of antioxidants, equivalent to about 1 kg of fresh tomatoes in lycopene, but lycopene can also function when the catalytic tomato juice and olive oil or tomato sauce to eat fully. Also in watermelon, such as antioxidants and almond Pink Grapefruit found in fruits and vegetables.

The British Heart Foundation, deputy director of the medical Jeremy Pearson (funded this study) said: “the increase of impaired endothelial function indicates that the risk of heart disease, we need to be clear that whether the favorable results of the present this one small study found that can be applied to future clinical medical rescue, high-risk patients.”

While Dr. Cheriyan is confident that the study found, we have been very clear to show you the effect of lycopene in improving vascular function in patients with cardiovascular diseases.”

But indeed, although lycopene is very good for human health, but tomatoes cannot replace other means of treatment, but if you can jointly treat other drugs, the effect must be excellent. Hope this drug can eventually become a choice for the treatment of heart disease, but Dr. Cheriyan made it clear: we also need to carry out a large number of trials, with a more cautious attitude to investigate the results of each.”

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