Tips for increase couples sex fun

Women often complain that men don’t care about women when they don’t want to have sex. Men are also afraid of women, due to they are afraid of their sex performance. Some people are always concerned about how long it can be, so that the romantic and harmonious sex life has become monotonous. Although many people are stressed to be slower in the sex life and give women enough foreplay time, so as to let the woman easier get orgasm. But occasionally try fast sex, it also have some special fun.

Exercise orgasm muscle

Dorian Slott, a sex education expert, said that the Kegel training method is a powerful reproductive organ muscle exercises, which can enhance the sexual pleasure of women. The training is training the levator ani muscle contraction, similar as trying to hold back or inhibit defecation action, can be accompanied by slight abdomen, hip and thigh muscle contraction. Training several times a day can get the best result.

Tips for increase couples sex fun

If you want to shrink the vagina, you can use Durex loves tightly dumbbells, which will make pelvic muscle exercise effectively, increase muscle strength. Restore women’s private compact force, enhance sexual pleasure.

Friction the sex sensitive spots

The “sex sensitive spot” friction in the process of sex can great help to achieve orgasm. For example, the female up position can make the female clitoris more easily friction with the male pubic. If you take a female down position, put a pillow under your hips also helps to stimulate the clitoris. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and psychiatry at Northwestern University Feinberg School of medicine, sexology expert Dr. Laura Berman said, using the oscillator for sex can also helped in the process of sex.

Fast sex brings surprises

Fast pace is the need of modern life, it is not only reflected in the work, study and daily life. Many sex experts believe that modern people may occasionally have some fast sex, so that life can have some changes. “It takes time less than making a cup of coffee, but it can bring you unexpected surprises and fun.”

The unique benefits of fast sex

The so-called fast sex, people can ignore the foreplay and directly go for sex activity. It has many advantages, such as the release of pressure, to re-ignite the passion and love, reduce anxiety, improve mood, relax and refreshing. The sex expert claimed that “It’s important to seize the opportunity to act. One may not be able to achieve orgasm, but do not think much about this, because fast sex is more like a link to each other, the couple should try to realize the relationship between each other, rather than the physical pleasure. Of course, fast sex only occasionally, cannot and should not replace the usual sex life.”

The secret to a quick sex

In order to make fast sex more attractive, couples can follow the following tips:

Choose a private place

Even if the fast sex duration is relatively short, but also need to choose a private place. After all, you definitely don’t want to be found when you’re action. It’s important to choose the places where you can relax and be fresh. Ensure the confidentiality of the site, so that both sides can be more assured and investment.

Use some sex products

In order to let women can keep up the pace in the fast sex, can use sex toys to provoke her interest.

Wear sexy clothes

The woman wear beautiful clothes mostly for attracting their lover. In sexual life, this truth is still very applicable. Women can wear sexy clothes such as some smooth silk, which can make satin skin partly hidden and partly visible.

Seek unexpected surprises

More than half of fast sex is not a product of the plan. It’s so attractive due to its crazy and madness. Therefore, it is necessary to be bold, bold and bold to give each other unexpected surprises and love.

Although the rapid sex in many people’s eyes is not the best choice, but it is worth a try, every week, every month, every year to try, it will be nice.

In addition, the men who like to change the posture need to pay attention to that women do not like the frequent changes in action, because it will seriously affect their feeling, it is better to maintain a position for some time, and then they will enter the state.

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