Three women required lubricant in sex

The lubrication of the vagina of women plays an important role in the common sexual life, but there are many reasons will cause the female vaginal dryness phenomenon in the sex life, so many women suffer unspeakably, and it will also affect the sex life harmony of husband and wife. So in this article it will introduce what kind of women will require using the lubricating fluid in the daily sex life.

Three women required lubricant in sex

1, Functional arousal disorder women

The lubrication of the vagina is an important physiological performance at the beginning stage of sexual life, and the insufficient lubrication is the main symptoms of sexual arousal disorder in medicine, which is similar with the male impotence. The difference is that if the men have the arousal obstacle, he cannot perform sexual life, but the women occur arousal disorder, it can continue, but it will be a potential risk factor, which can lead to infection or cause a variety of diseases.

Expert analysis found that many women lack of lubrication are just mild level, which are not pathological, and 39.2% of them are because the bad mood, 13.3% of them are caused by the usage of condoms, and other common cause maybe when women in postpartum, menopause and other special physiological stage, the estrogen levels decline may easily lead to vaginal dryness.

Three women required lubricant in sex

2, "Dry" women

Because the "dry" situation, there not only do not have fun, but lead pain, bleeding, inflammation and other problems. In this case, the women who have such problems will have no interest, no climax, or even fear in the sex life. However, doctors believe that these questions are not only the sex problem, they can be a sign of your health problems.

3, Menopausal women

The degree of vaginal dryness varies from person to person, so not every menopausal woman will clearly feel this trouble, and the slim women due to thin subcutaneous fat, the estrogen secretion will be lower. Therefore compared to the plump girl, it is more prone to hormones problems which lead to reduced vaginal dryness. Some women will even clearly feel the private area compact astringent discomfort when sit down.

The above women should use some female lubricating liquid during the sexual life. In fact, this is not embarrassing things, in order to have harmonious and healthy sexual life. In the daily life you should also need to pay more attention to the reproductive health.

Three women required lubricant in sex

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