Three stages can make men with week erections

1, one year before marriage and two years after marriage

Before and after marriage, both men and women are in a period of greater emotional fluctuations. Most of the young couples are now the unique child in their family. Most of this young people will be more self-centered, often occur some quarrel due to small stuffs.

Three stages can make men with week erectionsThe reason is that both sides do not know how to accommodate. Two people are completely independent individual, so it is inevitable with friction during the daily life. The man should be more magnanimous to say “SORRY” first to avoid the intensification of contradictions, which have a positive effect on their health and the feelings of both sides. The woman should also understand the pressure on the other side, to be gentle and considerate.

2, married ten years

"Sleep in a bed for 20 years, there will inevitably be some ‘aesthetic fatigue’." There is a couple married for twelve years, the child is in primary school grade three. The first two years of marriage, the husband is looking forward to go home early to accompany his wife. Later, he opened his own company, began early leave and later back routine. And the woman did not pay attention to maintenance after the baby born, and does not pay attention to skin care. In the face of his wife, the man felt boring, and he don’t have much interesting in sex. More than two times sexual intercourse a week has finally changed to less than one time in half a month.

Three stages can make men with week erections If the husband and wife are not coordinated in the sexual life, the skin contact less and less, it is necessary to create a love atmosphere, and timely exchange of feelings. Especially the couples are in the same office, who are more easy to prone to fatigue, due to they work together for the whole day. It is right that sometime the distance can produces beauty. In order to overcome the boredom between husband and wife, we must use innovative methods to enrich the couple’s sexual life to re-find the feeling of being in love. When the men is back to home after one day work, no matter how tried it is, you should try to help the homework, go to buy food, shopping, hiking, playing, watching movies, to find the feeling in the dating time. Women also need to maintain a new state. Often change the style of clothes, try to use his favorite perfume, and these will bring new feelings to each other.

Please remind that sometime a little stuffs can make great progress.

3, menopause

Three stages can make men with week erectionsBelow is a true story that a couple after thirty years of pleasure marriage. The wife found the man really bad sexual performance from certain time ago, then she believe there was another women outsides. Finally they decided to go to the hospital for an examination in order to maintain the relationship. The results showed that both men and women had menopausal syndrome. After correct treatment and strengthen the communication with each other, this old couple is back to their form state.

The two sides should learn to understand and respect each other, and learn more about each other’s natural physiological changes. Respect for the interests of your partner plays an important role to enhance the couple relationship. In the process of mutual respect and adaptation to each other’s interests, it increases the common topics and deep the relationship between husband and wife. If there is a problem, it is recommended to go to the hospital to see if the organic matter.

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