Three measures to keep the male anxiety away

Three measures to keep the male anxiety awa There are many different men’s self-ability standards, including social status, job achievement, also with sexual ability. Recently, the American Journal of men’s health has consulted experts at the Kinsey Institute for sex research and wrote that if men are physically good, there is still an erection dysfunction problem that could be a "performance anxiety". "It’s common for young men to have an erection dysfunction occasionally. It’s not a big deal." Sex experts offer some advice to help men cope with sexual stress and maintain a first-class erection.

Below three measures can help you a lot when you are suffering occasionally erectile dysfunctions:

1, Choose your favorite foreplay way.

With your loved foreplay way, on one hand can easily arouse enthusiasm, on the other hand can also relieve anxiety to make sure erect more durable. But that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore your partner’s feelings. You can choose to be satisfied with each other, or wait for an erection to be stable, and then try to strengthen her sexuality.

2, Wear a good condom.

If the condom size is inappropriate, or not wearing well, men may suffer discomfort, sexual activity is limited, then the erection will naturally decline. If you feel the condom is too tight or too loose, you should replace it immediately. But please also watch out for so-called "effect enhancing" condoms that tend to contain anesthetics that reduce sensory stimulation and make men "seem" to hold on longer. But it also makes a few people feel no sexual pleasure, or even an erection dysfunction.

3, Take some lubricant.

If you haven’t been intimate or nervous with each other for a long time, the muscles of women will tighten and the degree of self-lubrication will decrease. It is better to put some extra lubricant on the male condom top place, either as part of foreplay, but also can make more smoothly inserted and helps to avoid erectile problems.

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