Three major factors contribute to secondary persistent erections

Three major factors contribute to secondary persistent erections The persistent erection of the penis is harmful to the reproductive health of men and affects the normal life of the patient. If the duration is not that long, there will be no obvious discomfort. If the duration is too long, the arteries of the corpus cavernosum continue to expand, but the vein is persistent contraction, and ultimately affect the blood supply of the penis, then the penis will be swelling, pain and dysuria, lumbosacral soreness, fatigue and other symptoms, frequent spermatorrhea.

It is generally believed that the penile erection more than 6 hours, which will form a blood clot in the cavernous body of the penis, causing penis induration and erection bent. If such situation lasting for a long time, it will finally influence erectile function, cloggy sexual life, some may cause an irreversible impotence or erection dysfunction. In life, the patient will feel ashamed to stand up before other people. In the psychological fear of genital burst, lost the future sexual function.

There are primary and secondary types of persistent erections. At present, the cause of primary persistent erections is unknown. Secondary type causes of persistent erections are from organic, drug, and psychological factor.

(1) Organic factors

There are enough clinical data to prove that some diseases are the cause of persistent erections.

Such as thrombophlebitis, spinal cord injury, leukemia, metastatic malignant tumor, sickle cell anemia, partial injury of penis and so on. In recent years, there have been cases of persistent erection of the penis in rabies patients. Expert analysis, this may be the role of rabies virus in the control of small penis pelvic nerve and hypogastric nerve.

(2) drug-induced factors;

Three major factors contribute to secondary persistent erections Some patients have sustained erections caused by certain drugs, such as antihypertensives, anticoagulants, antipsychotics, etc..

For example there is a middle-aged man suffering from mild depression, every night before going to bed take 100 mg chlorpromazine as treatment, after fourth days, he find persistent erection of the penis in the morning there, and the erection disappear after stopping the drug.

In the treatment of male impotence, intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs is the most fashionable way in recent years, due to drugs effect, sometimes also can cause persistent erections. For example with papaverine for the treatment of impotence, erectile sustainable for more than an hour.

(3) Psychological factors

Psychological factors are a major cause of persistent erections. We know that human sexuality is controlled by the brain (hypothalamus) which plays the role in sex organs, from central brain stimulation such as sexual fantasies can cause psychological erection.

Erectile function as the most basic of male, is basically controlled by the autonomic nervous system, and it can be divided into the spirit erection or reflex erection two categories. The former is associated with mental and psychological activities, produce an erection by sexual desire, which is a necessary condition for sexual activity; the latter mainly comes from the stimulation of receptors the sexual organs, such as wearing tight pants, the cover is too warm, friction force.

Therefore, the persistent erection which is unprovoked and inexplicable is obviously spiritual, and it is a morbid interlacing of mind and physiology.

Male erection is a complicated reaction involving biological factors such as anatomy, blood circulation, innervation, endocrine and other non-biological factors such as psychological, social, interpersonal and related coordination and interaction. The normal erection, one is after sexual arousal in sex life, sexual intercourse can be performed at this time; two is the natural erection of asexual objects, usually not more than 5 minutes.

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