Three do and three do not protect men’s genitalia

Three do and three do not protect men's genitalia 1. Be loose, do not oppress

In last century at the end of 80s, the men in Shanghai China with normal semen standard reference value of 120 million sperm per milliliter semen, now there is only 20 million per milliliter semen. There is 1 couple out of 6 in Shanghai having infertility problem when at the child-bearing period. Furthermore, male sperm quantity decreased significantly are closely related to infertility and unhealthy lifestyles. For a long time sitting in soft sofa or driving, will make his genitalia pressed, so that the blood supply artery by extrusion, venous confluence is blocked, genital is in extrusion deformation of the state, which will affect its function.

Experts suggest that men should not sit on too soft sofa for long time, and there should be 15~20 minutes free movement after driving for two hours. Often do perineal contraction movement, two times a day, every ten minutes, so that not only can promote the local blood circulation, but also can play a strong supporting effect.

2. Underwear should free breathe, do not close to air

Men’s underwear should be soft texture and good ventilation, but should not wear too tight underwear, it is best not to wear tight jeans, and should wear more loose pants, so that it "cool down". In addition, it is highly recommended to adopt the way of naked sleep, which can make the private parts enjoy a rare feeling in the quiet night.

3. Be clean, not dirt

Men should develop a good habit of washing the body especially the genitalia with warm water before going to bed, and you should be careful not to use too hot water. Cleaning should pay attention to washing sequence, scrub direction should be up and down and the front to the back, that is, first wash the penis, scrotum, and then wash the anal region. Individually prepare a soft towel to wipe. If the foreskin is too long, but also afraid of surgery, then clean every day is essential. Each time the cleaning should be turned over the foreskin, and the foreskin thoroughly clean.

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