Three charm recipes to maintenance man health sexual performance

In people’s opinion, maybe it is an old thought, men always seem to be less concerned with cleanliness and personal hygiene than women. Cleanliness is an important role of ensuring the health of the male reproductive system, which needs to be paid more attention by men. What kind of man is most attractive? Everyone has different standards of charisma, but it is undeniable that health is an important part to a male charm.

Sex needs safety

Three charm recipes to maintenance man health sexual performance Phenomenon: young people enter the sexual intercourse activity and other social phenomena to some extent, which impact on people’s lifestyle so much.

Reminder: early, excessive or unclean sexual intercourse may have a strong effect on the male reproductive system.

Generally speaking, if the male has the sex behavior, the reproductive organ is easy to produce some problems. At this time, the body is still immature, and the reproductive organs are in the stage of growth and development. The related skin is delicate and vulnerable to injury. Premature sex can also possible cause genital problems in adulthood, such as physiological dysfunction, easily aging, and excessive sex will not only cause headache, back pain, muscle pain and other symptoms, may also make the reproductive organs congests for a long time, easy to cause physiological function decline, cause prostatitis, hypertrophy of the prostate.

Secure sex should consider both physical and age factors. For example, young people kept 3~4 times sex intercourse a week is more appropriate. Middle-aged people 1~2 times a week. However, individuals should adjust according to their feelings the next day, and their feelings are the most correct indicators.

Attention should be paid to penis cleanness

Phenomenon: in people’s opinion, men always seem to be less concerned with cleanliness and personal hygiene than women. Cleanliness is an important part of ensuring the health of the male reproductive system and needs to be paid more attention. The penis clearness can also affect your partner’s sexual health.

Remind: pay attention to reproductive organs health, not just women, men should also pay much attention. Appropriate cleaning is an effective way to protect the health of male reproductive system. Inadequate sanitation or excessive work is detrimental to the health of male reproductive systems. Less cleaning is easy to cause inflammation, especially the long foreskin men, who need often to remove dirt. Otherwise, it is not only harmful to themselves, and may even put these unclean substances and microorganisms to your partner. Some men believe that the more cleanness they do, the healthier they are. In fact, this is the wrong idea, over cleanness is easy to destroy its own defense system, so that bacteria are more likely to enter the body. Men should also pay attention to relevant physiological hygiene knowledge.

Be rational in your health

Phenomenon: under the pressures of modern life, men are busy with family and work, often neglect the health problems of genitals parts. Diseases often develop unconsciously, and it is imperative to cultivate men’s correct health consciousness.

Warning: many men ignore their reproductive health unless attention is given to the very obvious symptoms of the disease. Experts suggest that men should regularly self-check, when the following symptoms found, should be timely medical treatment, including skin or mucosa damage, urinary tract symptoms problems, such as anterior urethral part slightly the sensation of the urethra outflow abnormal secretions, or frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, dysuria, hematuria and dysuria symptoms and inguinal lymph node enlargement.

Some men think that reproductive health is their private issue, once the physical ailments, they do not go to the hospital to visit a doctor, but to overcome by more rest, or self-medication by experience. In fact, this is not just the performance of ignorance, over time, it is also easy to delay the disease treatment. Expert advice that men once found that their reproductive system problems, should promptly request professional doctors and treatment, and doctors will be symptomatic treatment, in order to avoid the small hole to be bigger one.

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