This will make a man of cancer gynecological disease

Man as the pillar of the family, if there are some problems it is great impact to the family. In fact, there are some common disease between the husband and wife. Some diseases of the female will be transmitted to the male, the following contents will give you some explanation.

Washington State University researchers found that the mechanism of prostate cancer caused by Trichomonas, the latest research results may contribute to the development of better methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Researchers have found that male patients with trichomoniasis is how to develop the mechanism of prostate cancer. The trichomoniasis is a cured disease, but which often overlooked sexually transmitted diseases. Early studies have suggested a correlation between these two diseases, but the latest research suggests a more specific biological mechanism.

This will make a man of cancer gynecological disease

Washington State University molecular biology science college professor John Alderete said Trichomonas parasitic activates a set of proteins, which makes proteins remain active. It’s like opening a light switch, and if you don’t control the brightness of the light, you will be blind.

Alderete and colleagues at the Washington State University, and the University of Washington, Saint Louis, published the latest research results in the Journal Pathogens PLoS.

This will make a man of cancer gynecological disease

Trichomoniasis is caused by protozoan parasites, often referred to as the most common sexually transmitted infections which can be cured. Most infections, however, have no symptoms, so they are often not treated.

Alderete said that most women are the first and most moving people to sexually transmitted infections, and this year, at least 100 thousand women are infected and equal numbers of men are infected with this disease.

Infected women with pregnancy complications and the risk of HIV infection is greater.

Infected men have a 40% chance of developing prostate cancer. Washington State University cancer researchers Nancy Magnuson is an expert for the growth of cancer cells to initiate protein PIM1, researchers identified the protein regulation cascade proteins can lead to trichomonas infection developed into the molecular mechanisms of prostate cancer.

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