This ordinary green ribbon was able to control life

Kelp is one of the most common food in our life, it often appears on our dining table. Kelp nutritional value is very high, not only that, kelp is also able to disease prevention and health, and the most common is the high blood pressure, to know the effect of kelp is very good. In addition, often eat kelp can also play a very good effect of longevity.

Let the hair black and bright

The most hair care food is kelp, and the nutrition experts believe that regular consumption of kelp can not only complement the body’s iodine, but also for hair growth, moist and lustrous also has a special effect.

Detoxification enhanced metabolism

Anything that contains a lot of fiber, can promote intestinal excretion, and adsorption of free lipids. Kelp is really fiber rich food, and was alkaline, but also increased the detoxification effect. And metabolic rate represents the ability of a person’s metabolism, metabolic rate is very low, less heat supply the body, the other energy will be converted into fat accumulation in the body. Eat kelp can enhance the metabolic rate, enhance the metabolic function, so that the spirit of more abundant, more thin body.

This ordinary green ribbon was able to control life

Expectorant trachea protection

People usually eat kelp, and there is to eliminate the role of old sputum. Kelp cellulose can be cleared in the digestive tract of the bacteria on the mold and dust particles, reducing phlegm accumulation effect.

Easy to absorb calcium

Kelp is a very high nutritional value vegetables, compared with spinach, rape, in addition to vitamin C, the crude protein, sugar, calcium, iron content is higher than several times. Up to 1177 mg of calcium per 100 grams of kelp, up to 150 mg of iron is important for calcium in kelp body’s absorption rate is very high, so eat kelp for children, women and the elderly person has an important role in health care.

To improve the color of beauty

Kelp juice can dispel blain imprints, improve skin brightness, improve dark and yellow complexion matt. A bath with boiled kelp soup, can nourish skin, make the skin fresh and smooth, clean and beautiful. Similarly, if you eat kelp, also have beautiful skin, moisturizing effect, inside and outside the merger, better effect.

Elimination of mammary gland hyperplasia

Modern studies have found that kelp can assist in the treatment of breast hyperplasia. This is because it contains a large amount of iodine, about 300 grams per 100 grams of kelp contains 700 milligrams of iodine. It can promote ovarian follicular luteinization, thereby reducing estrogen levels, the endocrine disorders have been adjusted, and ultimately eliminate the hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia, to prevent breast hyperplasia.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

The recent studies show that kelp is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, can eliminate the attachment of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall; kelp contains dietary fiber alginic acid, can promote gastrointestinal conditioning, cholesterol excretion. High blood fat people eat kelp for a long time, can effectively prevent and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Antihypertensive diuretic swelling

Mannitol – dioxide rime like kelp are usually attached, it is a kind of precious medicinal material. Modern scientific research shows that mannitol can reduce blood pressure, diuresis and detumescence. In addition, kelp contains a large number of unsaturated fatty acids and food fiber, can remove the cholesterol attached to the walls of blood vessels, and adjust the stomach, to promote the excretion of cholesterol.

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