This food should not to your baby when caught a cold

The baby’s digestive function is not perfect, more easily loss of appetite, diarrhea and other problems in the cold cause. How to make the food for the baby when caught a cold is a very important problem for every mother. Today, this article will give a list that is not allowed for your baby when caught a cold.

1, eggs

Egg contains rich nutrition, but not good in the period have a fever, this is because the egg protein in the body after the decomposition will produce some extra calories. And when the body heat increased, aggravating symptoms have a fever, and prolonged heating time, will increase the baby’s pain.

2, spicy food

As the temperature rises, the metabolism function will also increase. In this case, eat ginger, garlic, pepper, hot spicy food, will help to make more heat, aggravate the condition, so it is not conducive to the antipyretic and early rehabilitation.

This food should not to your baby when caught a cold

3, cold drink

If it is an unclean food caused by bacterial dysentery and other infectious diseases caused a fever, gastrointestinal function decline, drink plenty of cold drinks will aggravate the condition, and even worsen the condition and endanger life.

4, tea

Drinking tea will remain excited state of the brain, and makes the pulse, blood pressure, and the patients with elevated temperature increased and irritability. At the same time, tea water will affect the decomposition and absorption of drugs, reduce the efficacy of drugs.

5, honey

When have a fever, it is highly recommended to supply with slight food, should not be nourishing. If taking the honey, it can make patients eliminate heat, but also easy to complicated with other diseases.

6, greasy food

When baby is caught a cold, the diet should not be too greasy. Because too greasy diet cannot meet the needs of nutrition, but also cannot increase appetite.

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