These foreplay most attract men interesting

Foreplay is necessary to prepare the harmonious sex, both men and women cannot do without it. According to the pop healthy living network reported, a new Canadian study found that men who are more mature, the higher demand of foreplay will be. In the investigation, the wives think that ideal foreplay time averaged 13 minutes, and husbands are considered the most ideal foreplay needs 18 minutes. Therefore, this article summarizes several foreplay which husband they want most.

1 slowly strip show

40 year old John said: her skirt up to her leg, her hands walk in the legs, faded socks. Then slowly unbutton her shirt, she would throw toward me to flirt with eyes when each unlock a button, finally underwear slips from shoulders, that’s crazy!

These foreplay most attract men interesting

2 rounds of flirtatious text messages

27 years old Paul says: “sometimes, she will give me a pornographic short messages, I like to receive her this kind of ‘naughty SMS’. When back home, we will soon be able to start.

3 passionate kiss his privates

The 37 year old Mike recalls: “First, we sit on the sofa watching video, her head on my lap, grab my hand, slowly kiss each finger, eyes also affectionately ‘locking’ my eyes. So I pause the video……”

4 wearing high heels and a white shirt walk in the house

“After work, she always put on a 10 minute high-heeled shoes and white shirt, down light, heads held high hip twist, showing her sexy gait until get my attention. Every time always let me have a direct put her into the bedroom impulse.” The 30 year old Sean said.

5 whispered, nibble ears and lip

Gently whispered to him, saying “you wear that shirt is really sexy!” or “I love you, baby” or something like that. And then use the tip of the tongue flicking his ears, and use their teeth to bite the earlobe. Every time he will feel back as if had electricity feeling. The 34 year old Kevin recalled.

These foreplay most attract men interesting

6 plan the sex into work schedule

The 42 year old Mark said: “one day, I opened the day job scheduling, suddenly found the ’7 PM: sexual love.’ She must have been the day before from my bag and pulled out a notebook, and add that a particular task. You guessed it, I am punctual hurry back home that night!”

7 do not wear clothes under coat

“One night, my wife and I go out to dinner, when we sit down, but she refused to take off his coat. I asked her why? She stared at me stare big eyes, says mysteriously ‘absolutely not ah. Take off my coat and only a pair of high-heeled shoes left! ‘This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! “Said the 31 year old Tom.

8 listen to music for a dance

“She open the music, volume to maximum, and join me in a room to dance, and then we will soon be able to cling to each other.” The 37 year old Bill said.

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