These foods to eat together will be most nourishing

Everyone knows that some food is conflict with others. From the point of modern nutritional science, two or more than two food, if collocation is reasonable, can get the most nourishing to the nutrition complementary and mutually reinforcing roles. Pop healthy living network will introduce some most compatible foods for your daily cooking reference.

1, Red wine + peanuts

Role: beneficial to the heart

Principle: red wine contains aspirin ingredients, the peanut containing beneficial compounds pear alcohol, both eat can prevent thrombosis and ensure cardiovascular smooth.

These foods to eat together will be most nourishing

2, Fish + bean curd

Role: delicious, rich calcium, can prevent a variety of diseases, such as rickets and osteoporosis.

Principle: tofu contains a lot of calcium, if a single eat, its absorption rate is low, but with rich vitamin D fish eat together, the absorption and utilization of calcium can play a better effect.

Recommendation: fish tofu soup

3, pig liver + spinach

Role: prevention and treatment of anemia.

Principle: pig liver is rich in folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron and other hematopoietic raw materials, spinach also contains more folic acid and iron, two kinds of food with food, a dirty one element and complement each other.

Recommendation: pork fried spinach

4, Lamb + ginger

Role: winter tonic food, good for the people who suffering back pain, cold extremities to cure rheumatic pain.

Principle: mutton can supplement blood, and ginger has analgesicantirheumatic effect. Eating together, ginger can remove the lamb bad taste, but also help lamb remove the cold.

5, Beef + potato

Effect: replenish blood, nourish the spleen and stomach.

Principle: beef is rich in iron and zinc, potatoes contain vitamin C, and vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron and zinc in beef, improve its bioavailability, and have a multiplier effect.

Recommended practice: potato stew beef

6, Chicken + chestnut

Function: blood for anemia in human health.

Principle: chicken is good for the blood nourishing, and the chestnut focus on strengthening the spleen. Roasted Chicken chestnut is not only delicious, hematopoietic function is stronger, especially better in the old hen cooking chestnuts.

Recommended practice: stewed chicken with chestnuts

These foods to eat together will be most nourishing

7, Duck + yam

Role: nourishing lung, suitable for physical weakness.

Principle: Duck can eliminate heat cough. The yam and duck eat together can eliminate greasy, and can well repair the lung.

Recommendation: duck cooked yam

8, Lean + garlic

Role: to promote blood circulation, to eliminate physical fatigue, enhance physical fitness.

Principle: lean meat contains vitamin B1, combined with garlic and eat together can not only increase the amount of vitamin B1 precipitation, to extend the vitamin B1 residence time in the human body, but also can promote the blood circulation and as soon as possible to eliminate the physical fatigue, enhance physical fitness.

Recommended practice: lean meat fried garlic

9, Sesame + kelp

Role: beauty and anti-aging.

Principle: Sesame can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, lower cholesterol. Kelp is rich in iodine and calcium, which can purify the blood, promote the synthesis of thyroid hormone. Eat them together can get beauty, anti-aging effect better.

10, Tofu + radish

Beneficial digestion.

Principle: tofu is rich in vegetable protein, so it can cause indigestion for the weak spleen and stomach people. Radish has a strong ability to help digestion, so cook them together can be a lot of tofu nutrition absorption.

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