These foods make men wise and strong

What you eat will do what to your body. This is why one day you will realize that you should eat less fatty beef instead of cream dessert. If you start to eat apples, bananas and Vegetable Salad now, it’s just a healthy diet, but not healthy and smart diet. In order to men’s health status to achieve the perfect combination of  the thick shoulders, the rock like abdomen, flexible mind and strong sexual desire, you must make every mouthful of food has the effect.

What food is nutrition experts consensus? How much to eat these foods every week? What benefits can you really get from these foods?

These foods make men wise and strong

1 turkey breast

Recommendations: eat 3 times a week turkey breast, every time 85 grams, containing 72 units of heat.

30 grams skinless turkey breast meat contains 7 grams protein, which can effectively promote muscle growth. Turkey is also rich in vitamin B, zinc (can promote cell growth) and anti-cancer elements se. Nutritionist Elizabeth Ward of Massachusetts said: “turkey meat contains rich amino acids, but almost no saturated fat, which is very healthy. Turkey meat is rich in protein which is also easy to produce satiety, thereby avoiding overeating.”

These foods make men wise and strong

2 olive oil

Recommendations: take two tablespoons of olive oil daily, and per tablespoon contains 119 calories

Olive oil is rich in beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids, which is particularly important to protect the heart. Researchers have found, compared with saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease. However, this is not the only advantage of olive oil. American authoritative journal “nature” said that olive oil contains anti-inflammatory protein composition, which means that it did help the anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen to relieve pain and swelling. Olive oil can be used as cooking oil and salad dressings.

These foods make men wise and strong

3 quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa)

Recommendations: eat 2-3 times per week, each 114 grams containing heat 318 units

You may not be familiar with the grain grown in the Andes, but it is very important. Most importantly, quinoa contained protein is the highest than any other grains, so it gets the name called “grain king of protein”. Louisiana College nutrition professor Christopher Moore added: “the quinoa is also rich in fiber and vitamin B.”

These foods make men wise and strong

4 black bean

Recommendations: eat 2 times a week, each 225 grams containing heat 227 units

Although the black beans are small, but compared with other food, it can more let you feel full. There are two reasons: first, black beans are rich in cellulose which can more effectively fill your stomach, and produce satiety; secondly, the beans contain a complex carbohydrate structure, when converted into energy in the body will let you maintain a day’s worth of energy. Compared with meat food, black beans also contain a lot of protein, but not the saturated fat. Chicago nutrition Dr. Jennifer Bathgate says: “nutritionists recognized that all legumes contain high protein.” Why experts pay more favor on the black beans? The answer is very simple that is because compared with other beans, black beans contain more fiber.

These foods make men wise and strong

5 Green Tea

Recommendations: drink 1-3 cups a day Green Tea.

From the cancer to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, Green Tea almost can play a role on every major diseases. Professor Moore said, whether it is hot or cold water, as long as putting some Green Tea, it will be good for the body health.

These foods make men wise and strong

6 egg

Recommendations: eat 3-7 eggs each week, one egg contains about 74 units heat

Nutritionist Elizabeth Ward said people that people should eat 1 egg every day. Egg is rich in human muscle growth must amino acid and can enhance memory multivitamin cholinergic. Egg is one of the most abundant and reliable source of cholinergic. Ward said: “the egg contains almost all the nutrients needed for muscle growth.”

These foods make men wise and strong

7 milk and other dairy products

Recommendations: drink three time milk or dairy products every day, every 225 grams of milk containing 118 units of heat

You probably already know the importance of milk and other dairy products for health, but you might not know without dairy products will make your body “angry”. Tennessee State University Nutrition Institute director Mike Zemel explained, if no dairy intake, the body will release a hormone which allows the protein to remain in the body while also keeping the fat. Taking into account the milk heat, you might have a cup of drink, rather than gallon containers. The milk ingredients in milk can make the body speed up burn fat, to reduce the accumulation of fat. Although there are many alternative protein products, but milk is always the most beneficial nutrition source.

These foods make men wise and strong

8 water

Recommendations: drink 8 glasses of water a day, 225 grams per cup.

You may already know should drink plenty of water. Drinking more water can discharge toxic substances, balance body temperature, relax joints, prevent kidney stones and transport from the food intake of nutrients to various organs. Nutrition professor Marietta Emma Giro said: “if there is no water, there will be useless even the most nutrient rich food.” Drinking water are beneficial to the body in many areas, can also play a role in reducing body weight. Drink 1-2 glasses of water half an hour before meals will greatly reduce your hunger.

These foods make men wise and strong

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