These foods in this way may lead diarrhea into hospital

Some of the food for raw eating will not loss of nutrition, but some foods cannot eat in this way, due to it will cause some diseases harmful to health. So there are a lot of food should not raw eating, let us look at what food cannot be eaten raw.

1, raw carrots

Carotene in carrots are fat soluble substances, only dissolved in oil, can be converted into vitamin A in the human body and be absorbed by the body. So if eaten raw carrots, there will be 90% of the carotene excreted by human body, lost its nutritional value of carrot.

2, raw beans

Eat raw beans easy to poisoning, because the beans contain a poisonous protein “lectin”, this kind of material in the most mature or older beans. Beans should be boiled or heated with a fire emergency for 10 minutes or more, this “lectin” will be removed.

These foods in this way may lead diarrhea into hospital

3, raw soymilk

Drinking un-boiled soymilk, can cause systemic poisoning. Because the un-boiled soymilk contain some harmful ingredients, such as Soybean Milk antitrypsin, phenolic compounds and saponin etc.; anti trypsin can affect the absorption and digestion of protein; phenolic compounds can be Soybean Milk have a bitter taste and smell; saponin can stimulate the digestive tract, causing vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, destruction of red blood cells which produce toxins, resulting in systemic poisoning.

4, not cooked peanuts

Peanuts contain much fat, slow digestion and absorption after take into the body, a large number of raw peanuts can cause indigestion. In addition, the peanut in the dirt growth, is often contaminated with parasite eggs, eat easily lead to parasitic disease.

5, raw lotus

Lotus root contains parasites, such as ginger insects; raw lotus root can easily cause Fasciolopsiasis, causing intestinal injury and ulcer, abdominal pain, diarrhea, make people indigestion and other symptoms.

6, raw eggs

Egg white contains anti biological protein in the intestinal tract and biotin binding, will hinder the body’s absorption of biotin, raw eggs also often contain Salmonella, will make people vomiting, diarrhea.

7, raw honey

Bees in the brewing of honey, often collected some toxic pollen, these toxic pollen into honey, after people eat raw honey is prone to poisoning. In the process of harvesting, transportation, storage, and honey, it is easy to be contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, raw honey is not edible.

8, raw crab and lobster

Crabs is always with metacercariae of Paragonimus worms and parahaemolyticus, lobster is an intermediate host of Paragonimus; raw crabs and lobsters, lung fluke enters the human body, can cause lung damage, cause serious intestinal inflammation or bowel edema and hyperaemia.

9, raw sugar

Often parasitic mites in sugar, so it is very easy to get mites disease by eating raw sugar. Mites are small, long haired, small insects that are invisible to the naked eye, and the mites multiply rapidly in sugar. If the mites into the gastrointestinal tract, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea and ulcer formation. If you enter the lungs, can cause hemoptysis, asthma. If access to the urethra, can cause urinary tract inflammation. Therefore, it is best not to eat raw sugar, should be heated before eating (usually heated to 70 DEG C for 3 minutes can kill mites).

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