These actions will lead to high blood pressure

Now more and more people are suffering from high blood pressure, but do not know why they are suffering from high blood pressure? Here we look at what behavior can induce high blood pressure?

Induced hypertension behavior

One, every day smoking

1 million people die each year due to smoking, and smoking is associated with myocardial infarction, stroke. We looked at the percentage of risk of smoking, smoking in the risk of coronary heart disease is 32%, only after high blood pressure (about 35%), high blood pressure is the main cause of coronary heart disease. The risk of smoking was also much higher than the well-known risk factors for high cholesterol (about 11%) and diabetes mellitus (about 3%).

Of course, in addition to coronary heart disease, stroke, smokers also prone to cerebral vascular disease, systemic arterial plaque and cerebral lacunar infarction. People who smoke 20-30 per day are 4 times more likely to suffer from myocardial infarction than those who smoke 1-5 cigarettes a day. With the number of smoking more possibility of cardiovascular disease more.

These actions will lead to high blood pressure

Therefore, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is the best measures to quit smoking, but also the most economic and effective medical intervention.

Two, drinking

Generally speaking, men drink wine every day is not more than 300 ml is more appropriate. If more than 750 milliliters of beer, which can be defined as be excessive. Such as drinking liquor, 60 ml is excessive. Special attention should be paid to women than men to drink less alcohol, otherwise the body more harm.

There is a certain relationship between the prevalence of hypertension and drinking. Such as drinking for four consecutive years, more than 40% of people will have high blood pressure, but also easy to stroke. Excessive drinking is also easy to induce stroke, myocardial infarction, hypertension, alcoholic liver disease, pancreatitis, sexual dysfunction, etc.. If some patients in the morning, noon blood pressure is relatively low, one to the afternoon of blood pressure is high, so many of the patients are drinking 22 liquor at lunch, two hours after the blood pressure increased significantly.

Stroke with a large number of liquor must also have a relationship. A survey of 29 countries found that the country is the world’s most popular drink liquor is more popular in Russia, followed by Bulgaria, China ranked third.

In addition, excessive drinking damage to normal liver cells, adipose tissue instead of normal liver cells, fatty liver, alcoholic cirrhosis, can cause acute necrotizing pancreatitis, sexual dysfunction, etc..

Three, obesity

The possibility of obesity with hypertension is about 4 times that of ordinary people, even the people of hypertension due to obesity caused by 3/4. The prevalence of hypertension in non-obese people is 15%, and the prevalence of hypertension in obese patients is 40%. So, some obese people don’t fall down blood pressure, and finally through the weight loss, weight down, blood pressure also dropped down.

Now many people don’t usually eat at home, less physical activities, but there is no awareness of their own “fat” problem. If things go on like this, it will cause, potbellied fatty liver, high triglyceride, glucose, elevated blood pressure.

In addition to middle age, children should also be paid attention to obesity. Parents think the child need to eat more under 10 years old as it is a period of growth and development, plus some children all day to indulge in TV, computer, lack of physical exercise, can cause obesity and the resulting early-onset hypertension, high blood lipids, blood glucose, insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. Therefore, from an early age to control the diet, adjust the diet structure, pay attention to weight.

Four, excess oil

With the improvement of people’s living standard, the consumption of edible oil is obviously excessive. According to the survey, China Shanghai residents 37.5 grams of oil per day, while the WHO standard is 15 grams per person per day. Excess oil is one of the causes of obesity in today’s society.

Each gram of oil produces 9000 calories per gram of heat, 20 grams of oil per day is equivalent to more than 100 grams of eggs to eat the energy. Eat more oil, even vegetable oil, the same will increase blood lipids, arteriosclerosis, weight gain, leading to obesity. In addition, there is a kind of oil, containing Trans fatty acids in margarine, cakes, croissants cookies (biscuits) also is not healthy. Scientific experiments have shown that intake of trans fatty acids is associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease, and even more than 5 times higher than the risk of intake of saturated fatty acids such as animal oil, pork, fat beef and so on.

A lot of people have doubts that the fruit can replace vegetables. In fact, fruits and vegetables cannot be equated. Vegetable cellulose can promote animal protein absorption, stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, there is no substitute for the function of fruit. Eat animal protein do not eat enough vegetables, the absorption rate of only 75%, while eating enough vegetables to absorb the rate of 90%, should promote adequate and diverse fruits and vegetables.

Five, addicted to salty

Salt has been recognized as a “secret killer””. In addition to the increase in blood pressure, but also damage the inner walls of blood vessels, damage to endothelial cells, damage to small blood vessels. We should gradually develop to eat lettuce or boiled vegetables, eat their own time to sprinkle a little salt in the diet.

Breakfast should not be recommended intake of salt, try not to eat rice and pickles. WHO provided the standard salt intake is 4-6 g / day. Salt not only can reduce the occurrence of high blood pressure, and can protect the blood vessels, prevent myocardial infarction caused by vascular sclerosis or renal failure, to change the salty eating habits.

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