These 6 scene make the woman most impatient

Scene one: to be held at his man side

In the eyes of decent woman, it is a kind of crime that have sex when be tied. In fact, it is this complex feeling, let the lady mind have both feared and loved ideas, although they say never do this by themselves.

The dream of the ladies: bind is still an X-rated sex for me, but it also cannot be called a fetish. I was always very curious about it, but I never asked for him. But one night, he said that if can use his tie to bind my hands, I said yes without any hesitation, then he simply put my whole tied up.

A humiliating feeling well up in my mind, but I quite like that is bound to feel humiliation. I think, I finally wait the feeling of excitement moment.

A bit of advice: if you really want to try, then start from the soft clothing, for example, his tie is a good choice. If with the handcuffs, please be careful not to hurt your wrist. Bound not necessarily in the bedroom, there is a lot of space in the room you can go play.

These 6 scene make the woman most impatient

Scene two: in the tenderness pool

The pool is used to swim, but why can’t have sex in it? The lady began to blush when they think about this topic.

The dream of the ladies: we went on a trip to Hawaii, especially the general color and seawater swimming pool more enchanted us attention and interesting.

One night, he invited me to go swimming, said there were fewer people. Yes there is really rarely people, only him and me. We kissed, unexpectedly entered the state, the water is glittering, and under the water we also have started. Due to the buoyancy of water, I enjoyed the dreamy feeling, I saw his face with the moonlight afterglow is very beautiful.

A bit of advice: if there is such a chance, it is better to take some clothes to avoid others burst in. Do some advance preparation such as foreplay; also more use the buoyancy of water, you can try many new posture.

Scene three: short time in the fitting room

Let the sex before a glass mirror, not only to see the lady herself, she can also see what he has done.

The dream of the lady: I like elegant shopping center selection of clothing, and the fitting room over there will never feel cramped, especially when I want to do my staff for some support.

Once, he accompanied me to the end of the day, I could see his tiredness from his face, so I specifically asked him to come in the fitting room and sit down for rest. He suddenly start to do sex with back posture, fortunately there is no other people waiting outside.

These 6 scene make the woman most impatient

A bit of advice: to take more clothes in the dressing room, which can give you a little more time, even if you just passionate caress. When the passion coming, please pay more attention to your voice.

Scene four: in the elevator passionate

The elevator was chosen as the scene of the object, because it has the dual nature of privacy and publicity, and this duality is also let lady very excited.

Lady’s dream: a Sunday in last summer, and the day is a little hot. We went to a new decoration store to buy somethings. Due to the store is converted from a barn, it is great big and high, but also because it is new, and so there is little businesses and consumers.

Finally, we go down from the top floor, we sit is a spare goods ladder, thought it only run the basement to the 10 floor. When we get in, he unexpectedly kiss me up, then under his control the lift runs between the upper and lower operation.

A bit of advice: it is best to choose the old lift, which is slow and without camera. Women wear long skirts will be better, because the elevator suddenly stopped, you can restore the prior calm in a very short time.

These 6 scene make the woman most impatient

Scene five: the adult game in the park

It was the trees under the shade and almost was found by others, which will call a lady pale face.

The dream of the ladies: Forest Park outside is the most popular date place for him and me. First there is clean, second we work like a breath of fresh air.

Surprisingly, when we have a picnic, we play the adult game as we saw there is nobody around, I really don’t know anyone noticed, anyway, the curiosity that makes me can’t control excited, although later have so a bit scared.

A bit of advice: it is a good idea to go to Forest Park, so other high privacy park can also be good place. Prepare more clothing, or in the form of a picnic, or if someone is approaching, you didn’t even with cover things.

Scene six: crazy space in the car

The automobile is related with your daily life, but not related to even sex, so just imagine what you can do in the car.

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