There will be a miracle it second days after you swallow these food

Food is usually used for cooked eat, which is the view of the majority of people. But for health issue, the same food is completely different when eat cooked and eat raw. From the disease point of view, eat raw turnip much higher benefits than cooked one. Perhaps you are still tangled, the following article for you to say in detail.

5 benefits of raw radish eating:

The raw carrot is rich in vitamin C, its content is 8-10 times higher than the pear, and vitamin C is good anti-cancer, which can block the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines; blocking foreign carcinogen activation; release carcinogens toxicity; improve immune function against cancer cells; play the anti-radiation effect antioxidant, against carcinogens; by promoting the synthesis of interferon against bacteria and viruses causing cancer.

There will be a miracle it second days after you swallow these food

Two, radish contains a substance called interferon inducer anti-tumor and antiviral active substances, the scientists used the experiment proved that, this substance can stimulate cells to produce interferon, inhibition of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, cervical carcinoma were significantly.

Three, the raw turnip contains a decomposition of nitrous acid enzyme, which can cause the decomposition of carcinogenic substances nitrite and lose the role, but this enzyme in the case of heat that is, the decomposition of the loss of anti-cancer effect. Carcinogenic substances discharged in vitro, favorable to reduce the incidence of colon cancer.

Five, the lignin in the radish can increase the vitality of the macrophage 2-3 times, improve the body’s ability to fight cancer.

The following are some exquisite raw turnip:

1 the amount of raw turnip intake is generally 100-150 grams is appropriate daily or every other day.

2 within half hour should not eat other foods after eat raw turnip, to avoid the anticancer activity of the material is diluted or destroyed.

3 not good to eat together with orange, pear and apple, grapes and other fruits which is rich in plant pigment, because after eating raw radish, the human body can quickly produce thiocyanate, and quickly metabolized into called thiocyanate anti thyroid substances, if at the same time to eat oranges and other fruits, yellow ketone substances contained in the broken down by bacteria in the intestinal tract, can be transformed into hydroxyl benzoic acid and ferulic acid, which can strengthen the thiocyanate inhibition of thyroid function, which may induce or cause goiter.

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