The world’s most famous 10 cakes

1, German Schwarzwald cake

Germany’s most famous is full-bodied Schwarzwald fusion cake, including cherry sour sweet, cream sweet, chocolate taste, Kirschwasser mellow. So the perfect Schwarzwald cake is amenable to various people.

Cherry distilled liquor to wine stains and proportion of full of cherry amazing important ingredients made this cake, almost throughout the medieval in Schwarzwald area, which is really amazing.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

2, Japan Nagasaki honey cake

The famous Japanese pastry. Honey cake originated in ancient Holland, when the nobles to express master the most solemn tribute to the guests at the reception when envoys with it.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

3, Arabia Cheese Cake

Cheese is one of the oldest processed food. Around 3000 BC, the ancient Sumerians recorded nearly 20 kinds of soft cheese, which is the oldest history record of the cheese.

According to incomplete statistics, there are 900 kinds of cheese in the world, and 400 of them are more famous. People in the Arabia area for the love of cheese cake, can be called the one and only.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

4, Spanish praline cake

The town which is located in the Andalusia area, produced pralines, which is the most famous dessert in Spain, and it is from Arabia to Spain in the earliest in sixteenth Century.

The Arabs use special cake making skills, which combine sugar and chopped nuts Mimi interweave together, this tiny little piece of cake contained the original “Patiou” amorous feelings.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

5, Spanish praline cake

Mousse is a product of the birth of chefs initially joined all kinds of taste and flavor in the cream after the accessories.

Because the mousse cake regardless of shape, color, structure and taste are varied, and the taste is pure, plus the frozen food will be more a characteristic, so it immediately became a presence in the Acura cake.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

6, British treacle Sponge Pudding

The stubborn British pudding is also with a little cute, that unexpectedly also according to the season and a clear division. During the hot summer, it is made from fresh strawberry flexion Lai Eph Trifle cold pudding, and the winter is warm butter flavor of toffee hot pudding.

A variety of pudding almost become the cornerstone of the British Empire’s prosperity, and also is a part of the British table indispensable food. In a wide variety of pudding, especially the kind of porous called treacle sponge pudding is most famous type.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

7, French Opera Cake

Speaking of the French dessert, it have to mention opera which already have 100 year history. This has a history of hundreds of years of cake, contains the pungent taste of chocolate and coffee flavor can hook the people who fond of chocolate and coffee.

The traditional opera has a total of six layers, consists of three layers of Coffee Syrup soaked sponge cake, and use butter, cream and chocolate made with cream filling. The whole cake filled with coffee and chocolate flavor, so you will like it very much.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

8, Italy tiramisu

The Italy tiramisu is a kind of cake which contains coffee liquor taste, made of cream, cocoa, chocolate, flour. The top is a thin layer of cocoa powder, below is the thick cream product, and the middle is filled with mousse.

As a representative of the Italy dessert, the tiramisu has swept the world because of its beautiful appearance and attitude charming.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

9, American Boston Pie

In fact it is not pie, but the sponge cake. The origin of the name is said to be in 1855, a New York newspaper printed a pudding pie cake recipes, and this recipe does not contain today Boston pie special chocolate syrup.

In 1856, a man named Harvey D. Parker who opened a ParkerHouse restaurant in Boston, there is a chocolate syrup Pudding Pie cake in the menu, and it is said that this is what we know today as Boston pie.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

10, Austria dessert Sacher / Shaka cake

This is the world-famous really coated with jam band cake of chocolate.

Sacher cake originated in 1832, a prince’s kitchen FranzSacher developed a sweetest chocolate filling, which obtain Royal love. Later, at the time of aristocratic frequent Sacher hotel also to Sacher torte signs snacks.

The world's most famous 10 cakes

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