The women love status based on the sleeping models

1, Sleep on one’s back

The women who always sleep on their back are generally more refined and cultured, open-minded, kind-hearted and generous, easy to communicate with people. Furthermore, these kind women do not have much psychological burden, so they always believe that a new day is a new beginning. It can be said that this kind woman is the most perfect type, but you can see that this woman popularity is too wide, so they are easy to make people have no sense of security.

The women love status based on the sleeping models

2, Sleep on one’s stomach

These kind women in general have strong character, and they have big target of their life. Sleeping on the stomach, they subconscious want to control everything in their own hands. The fear of losing is the most prominent character, and they never admit defeat, stubbornly display their own strong.

The women love status based on the sleeping models

3, sleeping towards to the left

The woman sleeping with this position is mostly having bad love experience or very sad past. Their heart is at the lower position, and shut up themselves. And they are good at hiding their grief, others cannot find anything from the outsiders, so they always keep things in your own heart and not to tell anyone. Of course, this is a very negative way, if not handled properly, it will affect the work and life.

4, sleeping towards to the right

From the healthy viewpoint, this is the most suitable sleeping position. These kind women are particular demands of themselves and others, and cannot tolerate any slightest flaw. They want to do everything in order following the regulation, and they don’t do any risk thing full of rational.

The women love status based on the sleeping models

5, Curl up to sleep

Such women are generally lack a sense of security, perhaps the life, work, emotional loneliness makes her feel extremely tired, lonely. Sleeping like a cat is also the effeminate performance. In real life, this kind of woman is extremely weak, highly dependent.

6, totally extended sleeping

Such woman belonged to the heartless type, and the bed clothes must be on the ground when she wake up in the morning time. If she is married, the husband must be on the ground in the morning.

7, Rest head on arms

She has a high level of intelligence and enthusiasm of learning. However, sometimes with the absurd idea make a person very difficult to understand, difficult to follow in her footsteps. She will take care of the family, but the problem is that this woman is very difficult to fall in love with anyone.

The women love status based on the sleeping models

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