The woman wants to be young, ovarian maintenance is necessary

It is well known that the ovaries are very important for the growth and life of women. A lot of women in modern society with the increasing pressure of living, causing premature ovarian failure. As long as the consumption of food and protect ovarian more attention in daily life, we can avoid premature ovarian failure.

1, carrot

According to reports, women who eat 5 times a carrot in a week, the ovarian cancer rate 50% is lower than the likelihood ones. Protect the ovary to eat carrots, not only to help the ovary, but also for the women’s intake of vitamins, more eyesight protection role.

2, black beans

Compared to other beans, black beans is with the highest phytoestrogen content. Long-term consumption of black beans (soup, do Soybean Milk etc.), it is safe to supplement the plant estrogen, has good curative effect on uterine and ovarian protection.

The woman wants to be young, ovarian maintenance is necessary

3, kelp seaweed

Kelp, seaweed and other seaweed food can not be ignored. The experiment proved that the extract of seaweed food has the curative effect on the animal experimental tumor. The experts found that the blood of cancer patients more acidic, and this kind of seaweed iodine, high calcium foods can adjust and balance the blood pH, also can adjust the balance of estrogen.

4, Lily

Eat lily often, can cough, bleeding, appetizers, nerves, heart, help to enhance physical fitness, and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

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