The woman most interesting sexual fantasy scene

Women have a very rich imagination, which can greatly make up for the loss in real life. We collected the most popular sexual fantasies scenes in women mind.

The woman most interesting sexual fantasy scene

1, Occasionally a foul language

The silent sex life will be inevitably boring, so occasionally say one or two dirty words can let each other more relaxed. At this time, some women will mumble to agree, while men may be further stimulate more enthusiastic.

2, Through the glass window to see lover taking shower

Imagine him back the curtain, and you can see vaguely see the healthy body through the frosted glass, and water droplets will fall along his arm to make out a beautiful curve, and all these can evoke the deepest desire.

The woman most interesting sexual fantasy scene

3, Half naked “workers”

Love is naked upper body, or just wear a tight shirt and jeans, walked about in the room to do some housework. A lot of housewives said this is the most like screen shot in the series of “Desperate Housewives”. Many women defined the “happiness” is formed with a stable job, a warm family and a husband who will help with housework — especially when he sexy dressed.

4, Describe your fantasy to your lover

If you are the director, and also the story hero at the same time, this illusion is full of fictional characters, without the limitation of time and space. And if you tell your lover with this virtual scene, it can inspire his imagination, and it can be as a hint to let sex life make superficial changes.

The woman most interesting sexual fantasy scene

5, affectionate kiss in front of friends or passers-by

Every woman wants to get husband expression of their love in a public occasion, which is full of highly male breath, so it can let the passion sublimation at one second.

6, Open a bottle of wine to share with your lover

Maybe his wife is not good at drinking, but it will not affect to create the romantic atmosphere. The husband caresses your sweet face, then kiss. Under this situation, every women will be moved without any hesitation.

When doing the housework, it will be so wonderful to have a lingering kiss or a graceful sex. Inadvertently attacking will get the deepest impressive.

The woman most interesting sexual fantasy scene

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