The woman cannot leave below thing in daily life

Women cannot be separated from what? Of course it’s healthy. The woman will be great painful when often suffer with some disease. And in order to stay away from the disease, with health, women cannot leave what? Some people will say that doctor. Of course, doctors can cure a woman’s disease, which is known to everyone. But in addition to the doctor, the woman in order to prevent disease, in fact, the most cannot be separated is shown as below.

Broccoli: skin care

Broccoli is not only rich in nutritious, taste great, and also named after the famous cancer fighters, especially in effect in the prevention of gastric cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, which can enhance the skin’s ability to resist damage, helps to maintain skin elasticity.


Kelp – hair care

About hair care food, you may know a lot, for example, black sesame can make black hair, ginger can make the hair growth, or walnut can make the hair shiny, etc.. Nutrition experts believe that regular consumption of kelp can not only complement the body’s iodine, but also for hair growth, moist and lustrous also has a special effect.

Banana – Leggings

Potassium rich bananas are ranked first in the food of legs master food list, it contains a wealth of potassium elements can help you stretch the leg muscles and prevent leg cramps. Ranked second legs master is a celery, it has a lot of calcium carbonate, easy to be absorbed by the body, which can be added to the needs of the legs of calcium, but also to prevent the lower body edema.

Egg – nail care

Healthy nails are pink color, because there is an adequate supply of blood. If the nail abnormalities, is often caused by the lack of nutrition or other potential symptoms. While a high protein diet is essential for healthy nails, eggs are a good source of protein.

Sweet potato – eye protection

Vitamin A  is called eye healthy guards, if the body lacks vitamin A, your eyes feel weak light capacity will be reduced, ability to adapt to the dark will be diminished, susceptible to night blindness when serious.

Vitamin A is made from the transformation of carotene. In addition to carrots, sweet potatoes are also rich in carotene, which can provide rich vitamin A, can improve eyesight.

Spinach – brain protection

The “reduction food” with ingredients such as carotene and superoxide dismutase can prevent brain vascular lesions and protect the brain. Which belong to the reduction food? Experts believe that the spinach will be the first place. Followed by the leek, onion, peas, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, beans, garlic leaf vegetables, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds and other nuts, Cereals, and brown Steamed Rice, liver soup and so worthy of your brain when choosing.

Tomato – protecting lung

A British study found that more than 3 times a week to eat tomatoes can prevent respiratory disease, protect the lungs from bacterial infection. But the content of lycopene is inversely proportional to the content of soluble sugar in tomato, that is to say, the more not sweet tomato, the higher content of lycopene.

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