The use of red wine: red wine nice usage in daily life

Red wine ingredient is very complex, which is by natural brewing fermentation wine, containing the most is the grape juice, accounting for more than 80%, followed by the natural fermentation of alcohol from the grape sugar, general in 10% to 30%. And the rest of the material over 1000, and 300 of them are more important, including tartaric acid, pectin, minerals and tannic acid, and so on. Although the proportion of these substances is not high, the decisive factor is the quality of wine. High quality and delicious wine, which can present a structure balance, to make people have infinite enjoyment in taste.

The use of red wine: red wine nice usage in daily life

It is highly recommended to drink more water for those who often drink red wine. Daily water intake in the 1 to 1.5 liters.

1, when cooking fish, if put half a cup of red Wine into the pan, it can prevent skin stick.

2, long time travel, the pot will often have a dislike smell. If you add a small spoon of red wine, it can avoid water deterioration.

3, heating a small glass of red wine, and add an egg. Stir with chopsticks and then stop heating, so such food can prevent colds.

4, cut a piece of the ham to eat, you can push some red wine on the ham cutting place which will not eat temporarily, so that it can keep the rest of the ham in good condition.

5, add a little white wine when cooking onion, there will be no speculation phenomenon happen.

6, the persimmon has astringent taste, but as long as you add a little red wine from the open bite site, the demoted will disappear totally.

The use of red wine: red wine nice usage in daily life

7, red wine can help to reduce cholesterol, but also can prevent breast cancer. Although the procyanidin B dimers extract from the red wine is not powerful than the synthetic drug potency against breast cancer, but moderate consumption of red wine also can be regarded as good way as the prevention of breast cancer. Women drink a little red Wine day, which may let them away from the threat of breast cancer. However, the scientists stressed that drink white wine has no help prevent breast cancer, because they extract from red wine in the anti-cancer chemical composition originally came from in the grape skin. And also the red wine is good for the heart and lungs, so daily drinking one glass of red wine can protect the heart, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. And it still has anti-clotting effect, which can inhibit thrombosis, thereby preventing the formation of cardiac and cerebral vascular thrombosis. And new research shows that drinking red wine can also protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease.

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